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I gave one final thrust and shot another load.

The sensation was almost too much to bear.

My cock was already sensitive, and here it was convulsing from another load of cum shooting inside this beautiful woman.

I could feel each shot of cum erupting from my cock and each one made me shiver. Ladyfantasy35 sex web cam on line.

When I finally stopped, she began slowly grinding her pussy on my still erect shaft.

Within a matter of a minute, she brought herself to another orgasm before my cock finally shrunk down from this night of fantastic sex.

We both lay exhausted and spent on the couch, covered in sweat, smelling of sex, and with wicked-ass grins on our faces.

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I kissed her and thanked her for an incredible night.

I told her had I known this was part of the package, I definitely would have asked her out sooner.

Laughing, she said, Ditto.

We dozed off on the couch, wrapped in a quilt, until I woke up at 2 AM. Sex skashat.

I kissed her, and told her she should probably get to bed.

I didn't want to risk one of the kids finding us like this.

We both sat up, yawned, and began getting dressed.

Watching her put her clothing back on was almost as exciting as watching her take them off. Julirivas free live cam sex chat online with only indian female.

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Finally back to normal, she walked me to the door, hugged me, and kissed me goodnight.

It was a slow walk back to my apartment, and not just because of my sore cock.

I was thinking about what I had just done.

Yes, I had gone ahead and fulfilled a fantasy of fucking this gorgeous woman. Sex ads in grand falls windsor newfoundland.

But I had also cheated on someone for the first time, and that is what made my heart heavy.

I was not sure what would come next.

I never told Debbie about this night with Brandy.

We ended up breaking up two months later.

There was never another time with Brandy. Live sexvidoesxxx.

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She ended up getting back together with her boyfriend, Tom, although it wasn't the same as it had been.

She ended up moving away to another state within two years.

We did have one more slightly intimate time together before she moved away.

I took her someplace because her car was in the shop. Areab live sex.

While waiting outside, we got back to reminiscing about that night and we laughed about how crazy we behaved.

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