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Having lost a bit of weight in the gym over the winter, I was again a comfortable 36B and looked forward to getting a nice tan before returning home.

Getting ready for the beach, I pulled on my yellow bikini.

I had worked hard over the past couple of months to maintain my well toned figure and on checking myself out in the mirror realised I was more than a cup size smaller than before, so was conscious that most of my breasts were visible from certain angles, which stimulated me somewhat. Littlezaya 4ultimate sex webcam.

Throwing on a sheer white cover-up, we headed across the hotel grounds to discover a beautiful palm fringed beach where the waves crashed on to the sloping shoreline.

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Dotted along the shoreline, there were well-spaced lush cane loungers shaded by thatched umbrellas. Russian sex chat videos.

A beach attendant emerged from a large gazebo, sheltering a very primitive bar and massage area.

He directed us to a spot some twenty-five metres in front of him, and swished his fibre broom over the cushions before inviting to make ourselves comfortable. Chatting with sexy aunty online.

He introduced himself as Joseph then handed us a well-worn menu of drinks and snacks.

Loving the feeling of the sun on our skin at last, we ordered a couple of cold beers, which he eventually brought over.

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Not long after we had settled down, we watched a beach vendor wearing a white cotton robe trudging along the pitches and guessed it wouldn't be too long before he approached us. Freee desi sex chat.

He flashed a well-rehearsed broad smile and greeted us in English (funny how they nearly always get it right).

As we live in a comparatively privileged society, we felt morally obliged to take an interest in his wares, so decided to buy a couple of decorative wristbands and had a bit of fun haggling over the price. Fuckdate free no credit card.

As I let him rabbit on about this and that, I could make out his eyes behind his sunglasses taking in my pale-skinned breasts giving me a bit of a tinkle, nothing more.

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Eventually he moved on along the beach before trekking over to the gazebo and resting with the attendant where I assume he kept his stock. Softcore amateurs tgp sex.

We spent the next hour or so just soaking up the sun, trying to get an even tan so that we didn't look like two fresh tourists, and lazily watched the hawker, who didn't really pester us, pass along every half hour or so with a different line.

By now, the sun was getting quite low and so we decided to head back up to our hotel. Women seeking men in los angeles for fuck.

Joseph waved us over, asking if we wanted to reserve the same spot for tomorrow, which we were happy too.

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I happened to mention over dinner that I was sure the hawker was peeking at my breasts.

Without a beat, Dave, knowing my penchant for revealing myself, suggested that if he was taking an interest I should indulge myself and perhaps take advantage of the situation, which lead to some stimulating pillow talk as we made love that night. Sex lesibiane xvideo.

Day 2 The following day I decided to wear the same outfit, but wanting to give my husband a little titillation, slightly slackened the neck strap so my bra cups were now loose enough to make the edges of my areolas visible.

Anyway, eager to have a look around, we wandered along the peripheral path before paddling back along the shoreline.

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On our arrival, Joseph prepared our pitch, making a big deal out of shaking the cushions before handing us the beach menu.

We set out our little patch of paradise and liberally covered ourselves in sun cream before settling down, me with my iPod and Dave with his book. Dajal vidio porno tailan.

Just as I was immersing myself in my music and an extended fantasy of yesterday's events, Dave reminded me about what I had promised during our lovemaking and said, "Now's your chance!" I opened my eyes to see our hawker further along the sands heading in our direction. Veronamoore porno.

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Before I had any opportunity to agree, Dave leaned over and deftly unclipped the neck strap of my already loose bikini so that only the back strap was holding it in place.

The hawker greeted us like old friends, this time introducing himself and showing a photo of his family and soon had a tray of "genuine fake" watches and rings laid out on the bottom of my lounger for our appraisal. Cute webcam brunette masturbating.

Feeling a bit wicked and wanting to tease the guy a bit more, I casually leaned forward to view what he was offering, giving him ample opportunity to focus on my salacious exposure.

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As my eyes flicked up, I caught him full on, gawking at the swell of my breasts, further stirring the butterflies already awakened deep in my belly. Streaming sex mov.

More than just enjoying his lecherous attention and knowing it would be turning Dave on, I sat up completely, provocatively dropping my legs either side of the lounger so I could pull the tray closer to see the watches.

Dubious thoughts were now swimming through my head, but any misgiving that I had were soon overshadowed by my overwhelming desire to arouse Dave's emotions, and my tummy was doing summersaults at the thought that the hawker may even be stimulated as he took in my exposure.

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Aware that Dave would be excited by my provocative behaviour, I further hunched forward, allowing the cups supporting my breasts to fall away and so make even my flushed nipples visible.

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