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Silly me, I thought he actually wanted me to do some work.

He pulled out his cock as I sat down on a stool and started sucking on it.

I liked this dirty old man.

He squeezed my big tits as I swallowed his dick.

He was not so chatty this time.

He came fast. Online girls for sex chat without registration.

I let him cum into my mouth and made sure I didn’t swallow.

When he finished pumping his load in me I opened my mouth and showed him his semen on my tongue.

Then I closed my mouth and gulped it down opening my mouth and showing him that I was a good girl and swallowed it all. Xviciouslovex webcam video.

You are so fucking dirty, he said and laughed.

I nodded my head "yes" and licked my lips.

We have to be discrete, Kali," he said.

"Come back down here at around lunch time.

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Most people go out so it will be less conspicuous.

What do I do between now and lunch time? Russian mature lesbians webcam. I asked.

You can do whatever you want, he said.

I just need you here first thing in the morning, then at lunch and then after 5:30 pm when everyone leaves.

I'll just tell people you are running errands for me.

I was going to be his little office slut.

I gave Mr. Sex chat principessa.

Hall another blow job at lunch time down in the supply closet.

Support Lush Stories There was no talking.

He just pulled up my shirt so he could play with my boobies as I sucked his hard cock.

I sucked his cock using all my techniques but the secret to being a great cock sucker was really, really loving it.

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I always sucked cock like it was the best tasting thing in the world and that the cum in his balls was the secret sauce that made it even more delicious.


Hall said it best: "Kali you suck cock like my balls are filled with water and you are dying of thirst," he once told me. Free nyc chat line phone sex.


Hall came in my mouth and I swallowed his load for the second time that day.

That made four times in less than 24 hours that I sucked his cock and ate his cum.

"Oh yes, Kali," he said.

"You've got lots of my cum inside there.

" He rubbed my stomach.

"I like to make sure you are well fed.

" He laughed.

"But after work I'm going to be stretching that pussy real good.

" At 5:45 pm we were back down in the supply closet.

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We had more time now and everyone was gone from the office.

There was something about this man that really turned me on.

He was really dirty and I liked that.

He wasn't as extreme as William but Mr.

Hall knew how to use me.

"Show me your tits," he said as soon as the supply closet door was closed. Killerstits webcam.

I pulled off my top and pushed my boobies together for him.


Hall walked right over and started squeezing them.

I reached down and unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out and started rubbing it.

"You're addicted to cock," he said.

"You love to be fucked. Sexyellise sex russia.

You need to be fucked.

You love a man's hands all over you.

You love being used like the slut you are.

" "Yes," I said.

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He was right.

I was addicted to cock.

I wanted to have sex all the time.

When I wasn't being fucked I fantasized about being fucked.

I loved it when a man looked at me and had that gleam in his eye. Sex las palmas de gran canaria women.

I never felt like this before in my life.

When I was with Jim or my other boyfriends it was different.

Yes, I've always loved sex but now I constantly craved it.

I wanted it so bad all the time.

But I didn't want romantic sex.

I wanted it dirty and nasty and hard. Dywa-drakona live cams sexsr.

I wanted to be treated like a slut, a sex object, a fuckhole to be used over and over again.


Hall pushed his cock deep into my pussy.

I took my hands and spread my legs wide as I could as he slammed my cunt with his big hard cock.

"Look at you," he said.

"A cock addicted young slut that is so willing to spread her legs and open her cunt.

" He slammed my cunt hard as he spoke pounding harder and harder.

"The world needs sluts like you," he said.

"Hot, big titted sluts that let old men like me use them like the fucktoys they are.

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This is what you were made for Kali.

A fucktoy.

A cumdump.

" "Yes," I said.

"Yes, yes, yes.

That is what I am.

A big titted slut.

Fuck me with your married cock.

Use me.

Pound me.

Fill me with your cum.

Pump it in me.

That's where it belongs.

" "Drain my balls Kali," Mr, Hall said.

"Empty my balls. Prettydollts animal girls sex mobile live.

Get it all out of my balls and inside of you where it belongs.

" "Yes," I screamed.

"Shoot your cum inside of me.

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