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As I walked in, Julie was not in her usual place on the couch either watching TV or on her computer.

Carrying my bag into the bedroom, I was surprised the see her on the bed wearing a nice black nightgown - low cut in front and split up the sides.

I smiled as I saw her and thought she must have really missed me on this trip. Racheltailor bd sex chat free.

I immediately felt a stirring in my pants as I looked at her.

Do you like what you see? she asked.

Oh yes baby, you know I like what I see.

I've been in the wilderness for days and I missed you while I was gone, I replied.

I want to watch you undress, take off your clothes nice and slow so I can enjoy the show, she tells me.

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Slowly, I unbutton my shirt and slip it off my shoulders.

My skin's a little darker than when I left, tanned from a few days in the heat and sun.

I'm hoping my body looks a little tighter from the activity of the trip and smaller, healthier meals.

I unfasten my belt and pants, slowly pushing them down. Free cyber sex chat rooms for text.

My boxer briefs are already bulging in anticipation of the sex I hope will follow soon.

It has been over a week since we had sex and over a week since the last time I ejaculated.

As I push my pants down, I turn my back to her and bend over to slip my pants off my feet, giving her a good view of my boxer brief covered ass as I bend.

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She lets out a long low moan as she watches me.

She always had a weakness for seeing my butt.

I turn and rub my hand over the bulge in my shorts.

Smiling at her, I tease over my growing erection, still covered by my shorts.

I said strip! she says sharply. Gay interracial webcam.

Strip means strip, I want to see you totally nude, NOW! She uses her teacher's voice.

I quickly push my shorts down and off, my semi hard cock sticking straight out as I stand totally nude beside our bed.

She spreads her thighs and pulls her gown up a little. Unmonitered sex cam.

A finger curls toward me, beckoning me to her.

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As I move onto the bed, she spreads wider, raising her gown and showing her naked pussy.

She licks her lips then rubs her finger along her slit.

Come lick me now, I need to cum, she hisses.

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