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She lifts her hips upwards and I begin to suck a little harder on her clit while moving the toy further into her.

Ryan is softly moaning behind me as he leans down over and kisses on my back.

He knows that my back is my magic spot and makes me turn to putty. Allanally webcam for girls.

I have a hard time keeping forced on Sam while Ryan fucks and teases me.

You’re playing evil with me, Baby.

That isn't fair, not at all.

No one ever said I was ever fair, love.

You know this.

Now don’t stop fucking Sam, It’s a nice view.

Mm yes, please don’t stop. Sexy body milfs.

I want to cum for you again, Harper.

Sam’s eyes flick open as she smiles at us both.

She keeps her eyes on us now watching Ryan fucking me.

I begin to shake my head side to side with her clit between my teeth sucking lightly.

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She lets out a whimpering moan, her hips buck up once more feeling her orgasm hard around her toy, sucking it deeper into her pussy. Tranny webcam porn.

Seeing this, seeing the affect I have on her sends me over the edge.

I begin to orgasm with her.

I can feel my walls suck Ryan’s cock deeper into me just like Sam was doing to her toy.

Both our moans over flow the room and Ryan can’t hold back.

He grunts hard and gives me two hard long thrusts before filling me with his thick hot seed. Bdsmstreak sophia locke porno.

He keeps his cock deep inside me until he is done with his orgasm.

When all of us have finished our orgasms, I slide Sam’s toy out of her pussy watching her tight hole close tight.

I turn to face Ryan; I take his cock into my mouth and begin to suck on him gently.

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I want to clean him.

I suck softly as he runs his fingers through my hair gently.

I purr lightly for his touch.

He moans ever so lightly enjoying his tongue bath.

When I’m done I lie down.

I can feel how spent I am and Ryan takes me into his arms.

Sam grins and climbs over to me, parting my legs and licks me clean of Ryan’s seed. Feee live sex video call without sign in.

She eats me clean, sucking and licking on my pussy.

I kiss Ryan deeply while she does.

Between his lips on me and hers on my pussy I orgasm again from the pleasure.

It makes me blush how easily I orgasm that time but makes Sam smile.

She comes up and cuddles up with me as Ryan holds me close. Videos pornos para adultos gratis.

Sex chat lines in india. Ryan

We spend a few hours talking and enjoying each other’s company.

I tell Samantha about how we had done this a few months ago with a man.

I tell her all about Chris and her interests are peeked.

I can’t help but giggle.

I promise her I will set up a double date for the four of us some time to introduce them. Female to male transexuals naked.

She is happy and dresses and heads out.

Ryan and I stay there in the living room, in each other’s arms.

We embrace in a kiss and I purr for him while he strokes my back gently with his finger tips.

Is it everything you hoped for, baby?He asks in a low tired voice. Kristen archive sex stories.

It is and was everything I hoped for.

I’m grateful that we trust each other enough to do something so exciting.

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However I don’t know if I’ll ever have the desire to do it again.

We had the experience with both a male and a female and that’s all we can ask for. Sashok9144 sex chat circle cam.

Mm yeah, I’d have to agree with you, love.

Though I think if things work out with Samantha and Chris we might end up in a foursome.

Wouldn't that be something? I wouldn't hold my breath on that though.

If it happens, it happens but I’m happy with just you. Matuer ebony pussy fuck.

You’re still the best I've ever had, Ryan.

I can say the same, Kitten.

That’s for damn sure.

With that he kisses my forehead, picking me up, we go to our bedroom falling asleep in each other’s arms.

Later on we did have that double date with Samantha and Chris.

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They hit it off immediately.

We've all joked about having a foursome, though it hasn't happened………….


After we came, I held Tracy in my arms kissing her neck.

She turned her head and we shared a deep passionate kiss.

Mistress Elin stood, walked over and said it was time to go and continue in the bedroom. Kaleb bell fucks clara fargo.

She kissed us both as she cuffed our hands in front of us.

With the chains in her hand, she led us to the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom still aglow in candlelight, Mistress Elin led me over to the padded leggings anchored to the floor.

Directly overhead was a long bar suspended from the ceiling with two chains hanging down with padded cuffs attached.

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Tracy locked my feet in the padded leggings as Mistress secured my wrists to the padded cuffs.

"Eric, you are getting a reward spanking for your obedience earlier this evening.

" Mistress went behind me, giving me two commands.

Tracy went to the wall to get two riding crops, two padded paddles and a bowl of ice cubes from the mini ice box.

"I do not want to see your cock erect or any precum, before the last strike to our arse.

" "Yes, Mistress.

" I replied as she gently rubbed one of my arse cheeks.

"You are not to make a sound.

" "Yes, Mistress," I replied as she continued to gently rub one of my arse cheeks. Only_my_lady porno belarus kizlari.

Tracy walked behind me, placing the items on the floor.

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She joined Mistress in rubbing my other arse cheek.

After several minutes of this, I felt a light, gentle slap land on my cheeks.

They again struck my arse with their hands, each taking a cheek.

The slaps landed just hard enough to give a moderate stinging feeling. Nikki benz sex movies.

Mistress and Tracy gently rubbed my arse cheeks after each slap.

After the twentieth slap, I felt the coldness of an ice cube on each cheek.

The coldness was a welcoming feeling on my very warm, stinging arse.

"Tracy, pick up your paddle.

We will gently rub his arse cheeks, then give twenty smacks slightly harder than our hands.

" "Yes Mistress.

" Between each strike, they gently rubbed my arse cheeks with the paddle. Sex121412 xxx free online vedio.

Sex chat lines in india. Ryan

Mistress reached around and placed her hand on my limp cock.

"Tracy I want you to take your free hand, play with his balls.

" "Yes Mistress.

" It was hard to concentrate on not getting an erection or making a sound.

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