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Melissa’s yelps had become moans and the moans became groans of pleasure as her orgasm built.

She was now clenching her pussy every second as the riding crop struck home.

Finally the words Mike wanted to hear escaped her mouth.

Yes, yes, yes, Oh fuck yes… The riding crop cracked again and again. Girls basel sexual encounters.

Without warning Melissa collapsed into the chair.

The crop cracked home once more while Melissa was convulsing over the back of the chair.

Her legs had partly turned to jelly.

She was clenching her buttocks and pussy so hard her stomach was convulsing in unison. Sexycrazyanna porno.

Sex bomb tom jones official video. Mike

Her hands shook as she grabbed the chair for stability.

Her orgasm exploded with such force from the intense pleasure she flooded he groin.

The first gush of her cum hit the back of the chair.

The second and third gushes rushed down her legs and formed a puddle on the carpet. Slut amateur fucks two guys.

Another puddle they would have to mop up later on.

As soon as Mike had seen Melissa break into her orgasm he discarded the riding crop and dropped his trousers and pants.

His cock was rigid.

Never had it been harder than the times after her punishment.

He palmed it and gave it a few good strokes before stepping up behind her.

Sex bomb tom jones official video. Mike
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Melissa’s juices had started to subside and she was gasping for air over the chair.

Her knees were knocking together uncontrollably as she tried desperately to control her body and stand on her own two legs.

She was losing the battle until she felt Mike’s hands on her hips. Naked men webcam.

He pulled her upwards and straightened her.

With all his force he pushed her body into the chair and parted her legs.

His cock entered her in one go and he pushed it all the way in and held it there.

The remnants of her juices were now wetting his trousers which hung lifelessly around his ankles.

Sex bomb tom jones official video. Mike
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Mike ensured he had a good grip on Melissa’s hips as he started to fuck his cock into her.

The whole length left her pussy and re-entered it.

He did this a few times, each time he watched it appear and disappear inside her with increasing regularity and force. Sexylea pilpino teenxxx freecam.

Mike was not small, but in Melissa’s heightened state of wetness and the heat from the spanking she could take him all the way in up to the hilt.

Mike fucked her hard.

It wasn’t about what Melissa wanted anymore, this was his pleasure.

He was going to cum and flood Melissa’s womb with his spunk.

Sex bomb tom jones official video. Mike
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Mike fucked her like a rag doll.

His strokes were quick and energetic.

He could feel his cock brush against the end of her womb with every forward motion and then it was upon him.

His orgasm was there.

He had stopped breathing as his cock plummeted her cunt in its final throes, but at last he found time to breathe again as he could feel his spunk rise up through his shaft and into his beautiful wife. Drumright oklahoma girls webcam.

Melissa was also on the verge of her second orgasm.

The pounding she received did everything it needed to do inside her.

Suddenly she kept chanting for Mike to keep fucking her.

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Mike didn’t care.

It was only by chance that Melissa’s orgasm made it to the surface as Mike pumped his cock into her for the last time. Philippine girls fucked hard anal pussy skirt.

With a huge grunt, he pulled out and let his spunk shoot from the end of his cock onto the small of her back and finally over the crack of her arse.

Some of his spunk joined forces with Melissa’s juices that had now soaked Mike’s trousers.

Mike had a lot to give and it was a good thirty seconds of pumping before his cock and balls were emptied of its contents. Lesbian webcam porn videos.

Mike grabbed Melissa by the top of her arms.

Sex bomb tom jones official video. Mike

He stepped back and pulled her upwards.

As she spun around he kissed her.

His hands rested on her bum and even Mike could feel the heat emanate from her backside.

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