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Being wrongly addressed by the arrogant girl simply made her more determined to spank her good and hard.

Diane watched as the eighteen-year-olds got to their feet and slowly began to undress.

She watched them closely, not even being distracted by the sound of Pauline walking into the living room and placing her selection of implements on the coffee table in the middle of the room. Caprice porno online.

The girls did notice what she had selected but tried to concentrate upon removing their clothes as quickly as possible and then folding them neatly before placing them on the sofa.

As Zofeya removed her bra, which was her final item of clothing, she looked at Pauline who smiled at her, all the time, tapping her ebony-backed clothes brush against the palm of her right hand.

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Diane Caldwell left the girls standing in silence for a few moments while she went into her dining room and brought two of her high-backed, padded leather dining chairs back into the living room.

She placed these down and took one of them and moved it into a space between her sofa and the coffee table. Bubble butt fucked.

Pauline did the same, moving her high-backed chair so that it was at the opposite end of the large room, facing where Diane would be seated.

She smiled as she sat down gently on the chair and ironed the creases from her ankle-length blue and white patterned skirt.

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She then placed her hands in her lap and stared over at Zofeya.


Caldwell sat down and repeated what she had seen her neighbour just do, ironing the creases from her knee-length blue and yellow floral dress.

She then placed her hands in her lap and turned her head to look at the girls who were standing naked, awaiting their punishment to begin. Winchester va bisexual male.

Diane Caldwell decided to take charge.



You know the routine.

Over to Pauline and place yourself over her knee.

Hands flat on the floor and not a word, young lady.

Do I make myself clear?

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She emphasized those five last words.

Her eighteen-year-old daughter was already walking the short distance over to Pauline Manson when she replied. Sex kitten webcam porno.



Once she was standing close at Pauline’s right side, the older lady raised her hands from her lap and invited the girl to position herself over her lap.

Zofeya Caldwell smiled at the older woman as she carefully lowered herself over Miss Manson’s blue and white silky skirt and placed her hands flat on the carpeted floor in front of her. Online sex chating fb.

She slowly, and deliberately, pushed her crotch against the woman’s knees.

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Diane immediately turned her attention to her daughter’s friend, who was stood there watching Zofeya meekly and submissively do as she had been told.

It was as if she actually enjoyed being spanked. Sexy hot gal wants a playmate.


Come here and bend over my lap young lady.

Hands flat on the floor in front of you and stick that bottom of yours as high as you can in the air for me.


Caldwell moved her hands from her lap and watched as the girl complied with her instructions. Miss alice stripping webcam.

Aimee Connell slowly positioned herself over her friend’s mother’s knee and placed her hands flat on the floor in front of her as she had been instructed.

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Moments later, she felt Diane’s right hand on her bare bottom and the woman’s left hand on her lower back. Kira red fucking.


Caldwell rubbed the eighteen-year-old’s bottom until she was happy where her first series of smacks would land.

Out of Aimee’s sight, Diane looked over at Pauline, who was doing exactly the same to Zofeya.

The women nodded as they raised their right hands in the air, bringing them down within seconds of one another across the girls’ bottoms with a loud slap! Petite teen gets fucked. Zofeya’s friend smiled to herself.

As she had predicted, Diane Caldwell smacked nowhere near as hard as her own mother, Joanne did.

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She took a deep breath and settled across the woman’s lap for the rest of her punishment.


Caldwell raised her hand in the air once more and brought it down with another loud slap! Girl looking for sex chat on skype. which echoed around the living room.

Diane smiled over at Pauline who had begun dealing with her daughter.


Caldwell turned her attention back to Aimee, determined to really teach her a lesson.

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