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He laughed at the thought and then grimaced at the pain in his legs.

The cuts burned.

His hands were somehow on his buttons, trying to undo them for her.

She smiled at him and her nose was black and pebbled, glistening wet in the light.

Her teeth were nearly all sharp.

(blink) Focus.

(blink) Focus.

(blink) FOCUS! Top sex xxx hd. He screamed at himself.

And, he did.

Time snapped back.

He was completely naked on the couch and Kelly was still kneeling in front of him.

His hands were in her hair, just running through the heavy strands over and over.

Her ears crunched and grew around his fingers, lengthening to even sharper points. Essex address.

She had a quarter muzzle now, and a full face of fur.

His dick was in her hands.

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Thick black padding covered the bottoms of her furred paws and she was gently stroking his shaft, watching it as if hypnotized.

"I neverrrr touched," Kelly rumbled at him.

"I neeeverrrr touched one. Video chat sex video.

Soft but harrrrrd too.

" She leaned forward and stuck her nose into the fold of his thigh and crotch.

David jumped at the coldness of her nose.

"You smell good.

So good.

" Kelly's tongue rolled out of her muzzle and touched the bottom of his dick.

Slowly, she ran her tongue up the length of him and around the head of his cock. Sexy mobile chat.

And then, almost nervously, she looked up at him.

"Is that all rrrrright?" She asked.

"Is it good?" Her hair was pulled back and mixed in with the fur from the top of her hair - the various colors blended together at the roots, brown and red and black but mostly brown.

Samantha ryan lesbian sex. David
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Her eyes were a pool of gold and he couldn't stop watching them.

She had a hard time closing her mouth all the way and bits of white drool lined the corner of her mouth.

Her tongue worked along her lips, cleaning them off, but David was pretty sure she wasn't even aware of doing it. Boreal joker plus lace unisex.

He looked down at his beautiful girlfriend.

Her back, shoulders and ass were completely covered in a thick carpet of fur.

The back and inside of her legs were also completely furry but the rest of her legs were covered in short black and brown hair.

The only patch of fur on her belly was a thick line running from her pussy to the bottom of the neck. Sexsi video new.

Her breasts (all four sets) and the side of her body was still hairless - although David could see tiny black and brown hairs along the naked flesh.

Samantha ryan lesbian sex. David

The strong, cable-like muscles on her shoulders and forearms were similarly hidden beneath tufts of the thicker hair. Www sex boom cams com.

Her tail was full and luxurious, thick and heavy and slowly, sensuously sweeping along the floor behind her.

David watched her lower back muscles work as the tail moved.

David jumped at the feeling of her rough tongue sliding along the head of his dick but he nodded, gripping her hair tightly. Free sex chat on.

Pulling her back down.

She went eagerly and her tongue nearly enveloped his dick, folding around his thickness.

David reached down to idly scratch at the cuts in his leg but then he stopped.



He looked down.

Fur was growing along the cuts in his leg.

Samantha ryan lesbian sex. David
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Where Kelly had dug into his leg.


On him.

His fur.

His - "Oh Jesus!" He screamed.

Kelly had taken his entire dick into her mouth.

She was incredibly warm and soft.

She didn't even have to swallow to take all of him.

Gently, she moved back and forth, sucking on his dick while David grabbed the side of her head, long wolf-like ears, hair and fur between his fingers.

"Ah! Natti_sex canada girl live sex online webcam. Kelly! Oh fuck!" She stopped and looked at David anxiously again.

"Is it good? Is it okay, David?" He nodded, afraid to talk.

He'd never experienced a blow job like hers - it was a step away from the best sex he'd ever had.

Her mouth was completely wet and soft and warm and she was so gently with her tongue. 120 essex st new york.

Samantha ryan lesbian sex. David

It rubbed and moved against him like it was alive.

His leg flared up and brought him back again.

It ached but not terribly.

"I'm so hot, Kelly.


Oh fuck, it's so hot in here.

I'm burning up, Kelly.

The window.

Open the window.


" He shook, panting to try to cool off.

"David. Solo babe getting fucked with her own sex toy amateur porno.

Oh my beautiful David.

You'rrrrre changing too.


Look at you, David.

" He looked.

His dick was growing.

Veins stood out and throbbed.

The base of his dick above his balls ballooned out as his shaft grew and thickened.

To either side of his cock, his legs had nearly double in size and his feet were cracking under the strain of his own change. No sign up stranger sex chat.

Samantha ryan lesbian sex. David

He marveled at the lack of pain.

Kelly whined and he looked up at her.

She was rubbing herself hard while watching his dick grow up.

"A knot," Kelly said.

She reached carefully out with her clawed hand, sharp black points carefully avoiding his throbbing member.

"Like a dog. Email sex chat.


" Kelly growled and something fierce flashed behind her eyes.



Like wolf.

My wolf.

It's - I want it.

" The rough padding of her paw slid down his length.

Kelly was panting with need and David could smell her - could smell how incredibly turned on she was suddenly.

"I feel the wolf, David. Sexcamsxxx.

In me.

I know what she wants.

I see it clearly.

I see it.

She can feel that.

yourrr penis in herrrrrr.

On herrr knees.

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Herrrrr mate inside of herrrrr.

I want it, too.

I want to feel yourrrrr knot in me, David.

Will you?" Kelly opened herself with her free hand and pushed a finger inside of her wetness. Relatos policiacos porno.

The warm alluring scent of Kelly's pussy slammed into David's nose and a growl bubbled up from him before he realized he was doing it.

His jaw itched and a sudden intense burn in his nose made him rub his hand against his face.

His nose was cold and wet and he could feel the way it was textured differently. Remy lacroix sex doll.

His dick was ludicrously large now.

He didn't even know what size it was but he knew if he bent over far enough, he could take it into his mouth.

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