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We made insane love for hours; we fucked ourselves sore, and didn’t stop until we could no longer keep it up.

We fell asleep until 2PM the next day when the telephone awoke us. She answered it, it was her lover! She spoke to him in very explicit terms, as I lay there listening. Sxs sex. She exclaimed how hot he was, how much she enjoyed his cock jamming into her wet pussy, her ass and her mouth. She went on to tell him how wonderful it was that he was able to climax four times in her.

Something I could never do. I was so hot and hard that my cock was bursting again. Katy perry sex addict. Bobbi Jo saw that, and covering the phone with her hand whispered to me,

Fuck me in my ass while I am on the phone.

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She rolled over onto her front, and I mounted her at once. I pounded away, and came, as she was nearly ready to hang up. Her breathy speech must have given her away, I thought. Phone sex cbt and nt. I was so excited; I had never before had anal sex with her that she liked. It was always grudgingly done at best, now she was asking me for it. Wonderful, I thought.

He never asked me for sex, he just pulled my hair very hard, pressed me down and took me as he wanted me, she said. Eyes sex shut wide. I think that is exactly what I need, my love, I need to be taken by a strong man, not made tender love to, she finished.

We got up and made breakfast, we were so excited by each other, we made love two more times before we got dressed for what little was left of the day.

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I asked her if she intended to see him again, or if it was a one-night fling.

Is it OK with you? she asked.

Yes, I said, you’re the boss now!

How right you are, my love, now we need to discuss some rules and such.

I told him last night that I would be available to him when ever and wherever he wants me. West valley city utah i just want sex. I intend to keep him hot, happy, and fully sexually satisfied.

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I fully intend to give him his own virgin pussy to fuck and fill with his wonderful, hot cum.

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If you and I have sex, it will be at my invitation only, and only after my lover has been fully satisfied. The best you can hope for it sloppy seconds since I told him that I do not want him to use a rubber. Free midget sex mpegs. I want to feel his cum fill my pussy and ass without impediment. I may also decide that I am completely satisfied by him and I don’t need your cock near me, if I let you have me at all! She finished.

I put my head down, respectfully and said, Yes, Mistress, I am your Cuckold now and forever. Dorothy stratten sex.

That’s great, now give me your credit card, I need to go shopping for some really sexy outfits to please him when he picks me up for our next date. And, I intend to introduce you to him as my brother.

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That way he won’t feel shy about coming into our house and fucking me while you are at home. Arylove usa sexsi chat.

Life was going to get interesting, I thought to myself. Very interesting indeed.

End of part #1

I smoothed down my dress as I went to the door to meet my husband, Mark.

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