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She’d become small, her shoulders shrunken and her head bowed, her cheeks warmed by a confounding mix of shame and excitement.

He thrust her sprawling over the hood of the car, her rear pointing skyward.

Without hesitation and almost in the same movement he jerked her shorts and panties until they were halfway down her thighs. Santa luzia sex mature.

He raised his hand to shoulder-height and brought it down with a swift swing on her exposed butt.

SMACK! Oh, God, it hurt! She gasped in shock at the blow and almost collapsed to her knees.

He reached between her legs and lifted her by her crotch.

Oh, you’re thankful all right. Sex dating sites without the use of a credit card.

I can feel how thankful you are.

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You little tramp, this is making you wet, isn’t it? Does it excite you when a real man makes you behave? SMACK! He spanked her again, harder this time.

She yelped, her bottom stinging, her clit singing.

Tell me how thankful you are. Sex chat tashkent.

Tell me how happy you are to get a spanking instead of going to prison.

Every time you get a lick, say ‘thank you.

’ Do you understand me? She opened her mouth to respond, but no sound emerged.

She was stunned, thrilled, paralyzed with a strange desire that caused her juices to flow. Free online video chat sex rooms.



Understand? he repeated through clenched teeth.

She nodded, and once more his palm cracked against her reddening fanny, causing her to suck air with a sharp gasp.

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Thank you! she yelped, and tried to wriggle away from his cruel blows, but it was not to be. Girl in netherlands antilles wanting sex.

He wrapped a handful of her hair around his fist and spanked her again with his free hand, this time on the sensitive skin of her inner thigh.

Thank you.

Please- no more! We haven’t even begun yet, missy.

When I’m finished with you, you’ll never even think of breaking the speed limit again. Free hongkong girl sex cam live.

SMACK! Say it! Thank you, she chirped immediately.

SMACK! Thank you.

He continued spanking her, she obediently thanking him.

At first she tried to twist away from the blows but he had her in an iron grip and soon she just endured her humiliation, oblivious to everything but the stinging heat in her rump and the tingle of her sex.

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In shame she could feel drops of moisture slowly trickling their way down her quaking thighs.

She heard him open his zipper and moan as he removed himself from his pants.

And still he spanked her.



With measured power he alternated between thudding smacks and self-pleasuring rubs, his grunts intensifying in parallel to her yelps and thanks. Webkamsex kostenlos.

She stole a glance behind her.

His hand moved on his obscenely swollen prick, the eye of his opening winking open and shut as he rubbed himself, staring at her exposed increasingly aroused fanny.

She whimpered and closed her eyes.

The smacks continued, on and on until she lost track of the number. Sexsi hd com.

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Finally she heard the crunch of gravel under his shoes as he shuffled around behind her, still bent over the hood of the low-slung Audi.

He kicked her feet apart and widened her stance, positioned himself securely, then pushed inside her with ease.

Her face burned in humiliation at how wet she had become and how easily her body accepted him, how much she wanted him. Web cam phone sexfor free no sign up.

He thrust as he spanked her, roughly, powerfully, growling incomprehensible obscenities at the back of her head, building in ferocity.

Everything was becoming a blur for her, a heady mix of sensations: pain, pleasure, humiliation, exhilaration.

She was overwhelmed, overstimulated and entirely lost, all inhibition gone, unaware that she was now screamingfuck me’ over and over again instead of ‘thank you.

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’ Brutally he lunged deep and deeper, each thrust accented by a resounding smack on her naked bottom.

She couldn’t help it – ecstasy welled up inside her, pleasure feeding off the pain.

No! no! she panicked.

She couldn’t allow him to see, to know, what he was doing to her. Get naked webcam.

But her body betrayed her.

Her defenses crumpled under his merciless attack and quite against her will blood thundered in her ears and her body quaked and quivered in tumultuous climax.

He stopped and pulled out indignantly, still hugely erect.

Why, you little whore! Porno cjat. Here this whole time I was going easy because I felt sorry for you.

But you – You were enjoying it! By God, I will make you sorry.

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I will! She felt the cop’s fingers roughly entering her depths to scoop up the copious dew collected there, then smearing it on her defenseless exposed anus. Hacked webcam video.

He spit in his hand and smeared his prick as well.

Suddenly she realized what was about to happen.

No! she squealed.

Not there! You’ll kill me.

No one has ever done it there, not even my husband! Please.

Don’t… Her begging ended in a wail as she felt something soft and blunt nudge her most secret place. Free usa video sex chat side.

Mightily she struggled to fend off the intruder, but her hands were bound behind her and she was pinned helplessly to the hood of the car.

The cop cackled triumphantly and remorselessly wormed the head of his rigid rod through the puckered ring of her clenched sphincter and deep into her rectum, not letting up until his balls bounced against her still-twitching lips.

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No! she whispered, but already he had begun the assault in earnest.

Withdrawing his shaft until it seemed the head must pop out, with a loud grunt he thrust hard and deep and as before smacked her butt as his weapon reached its apex.

Say, ‘Thank you!’ Th-thank you, she sobbed, all pride gone. Free porno camera sex in android.

Another thrust.

Say it again! Thank you.

The words almost choked her.

He lunged into her with an animal fury, rocking her body back and forth across the car’s hood, mashing her clit rhythmically into the smooth, gleaming metal.

And again her body responded, pulsing in rhythm with her "thank yous.

" Oh, no! Anyarayne webcam. she panicked.

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