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We somehow managed to get me half-dressed – the upper half – without ruining all of her work.

After that we focused on finishing up with the minimal amount of distraction; in other words, no more fun and games.

When she finished me I used a wash cloth and warm, soapy water to clean myself down below in preparation for donning the lower part of my costume. Sex chat rulet.

She did the same, washing herself thoroughly to get all of my semen off of her legs and groinal region, her strategy of letting as much of my deposit as possible drain out while she worked on me paying dividends at this stage.

She remembered to put on her own hood before doing her own face with cat makeup, and in just a little more than an hour we both looked weird as hell, with big fuzzy cat heads, painted faces, and no pants on.

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I looked at her and laughed.

Very nice – a pussy and her pussy! She giggled.

That’s stupid – and tacky.

Put your pants on.

We still have fifteen minutes… No we don’t.

We need to stop at the liquor store and pick up some wine.

You told Charlie you’d bring some, remember? Free meet single grannies for sex. Crap! You’re right.

We’d better get going.

I put on my ridiculous little pouch-style thong – the one with no butt-floss, since that one was wet and sticky – and my pants, while she did the same.

I zipped the back of her leotard once she’d stepped into it, before she donned her tights.

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Then it was leg warmers, fingerless gloves, black slipper-style shoes and a few other odds and ends that only a costume designer could dream up before we stood side by side, looking in the mirror.

Not bad, with our painted faces, little black painted on cat noses and whiskers, and the ears and all on the costumes. Peachxfoxx porno.

We looked remarkably like the players in the Broadway show, if I do say so myself! Allison looked absolutely spectacular, cute as could be and all sleek and slinky and sinuous and sexy, and I told her so; as for me, l had to settle for being a master of alliteration.

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You really do look great, babe, cute and sexy all at once.

How come we never got a cat? She laughed.

Meow! You look great too, my powerful, virile tomcat.

I nodded.

You did a good job on my face; I can hardly tell it’s me.

Still not crazy about the pants, though. Isabella clark porno.

Really? I totally love your bulge – makes me wanna purr! Oh great, that should help! I don’t feel at all self-conscious now.

She laughed before squeezing said bulge.

You’re a man – men are supposed to have a bulge there! Would you rather look androgynous, like a Ken doll? Teen nude sex video online. No, I suppose not.


I would, however, rather be wearing pants that didn’t put it on display quite like this.

Hey, if you’ve got it, flaunt it! It’ll be a minor flaunt, I’m afraid.

I’ll probably walk around carrying something in front of me all night.

She had walked across the room as we talked, and now, from behind me, she said You know, the backside looks mighty sexy too! Pelicula porno gratis de mujeres eyaculando. Very nice tush, my love.

I turned around.

Super, now I can be embarrassed coming and going.

I can see your nipples, by the way – turns out the fur collar doesn’t quite cover them after all.

She looked down at herself.


Oh well.

Guess I’ll be doing a little flaunting myself. Dirty women wanting sex tonight.

That surprised me! It was not at all the response I’d expected from her.

Yeah, you look hot as hell; if any of the other guys are wearing pants like I’m wearing, they’ll probably be providing visible evidence of just how hot you look! You think so? Gee, that should be fun! Caseyy xarab?c porno v?deo. Again she’d surprised me, but I had to laugh.

Listen to you! Where do I carry my wallet in this thing, by the way? She looked at me, eyeing me up and down.

In your console, I guess.

I looked down at myself.

Which part of this thing is the console?

In your car, you goofball! My_fishka sex koria photo. I know, I was just kidding.

Are you taking a purse? She hesitated.

Yeah, I guess.

I was talking to Marci and Elaine this week, and they asked me about my picture in your office and I ended up telling them about the other pictures; well, some of them, at least. Julierobin sex chat.

They want to see them, so I guess I’ll need to take my purse.

Elaine is Louis’s wife, and I knew that she and Alli were sort of friends – and that they had been talking to each other about the upcoming party.

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