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Sisterhood Chapter One Wanna see what I found in Mom and Dads room? Heather asked her younger sister with a smile.

She already knew what her answer would be.

Yeah Jenny said knowing it was going to be something naughty.

She could tell by the expression of her face and the sound of her voice. Sexysabotage dildo.

The two of them talked about sex all the time.

Heather is two years older, always horny, and loved to talk dirty.

Jenny never minded, the private conversations with her sister would make her pussy tingle, she liked that.

After spending enough time with her big sister she would always lock herself away in her bedroom and make herself cum. Amateur webcam couple porn.

It only started feeling a little weird when her panties would get wet just thinking about her sister.


But, she came to the decision some time ago that she did not have a choice of what turned her on, some things just did.

Since then, she often thought of her sister when she fingered herself, though she would never tell. Vk com sexy slut.

Those jeans make your ass look hot.

Jenny complimented her sister.

Heather reached behind her and grabbed her ass cheeks Thanks! in a bubbly voice That’s why I stole them from you They both giggled as they made their way to the door of their parents room. Hot girl webcam show.

The older of the two bent over and reached into the closet.

She spun around holding a breadbox sixe metal box.

It was painted solid blue, with brass handles on each side.

It had a brass lock with three numbered dials.


Heather set it carefully on the bed. Hotest sexy pornbikini girl photo.

She leaned the box back and dialed the magic number, and opened it.

Jenny was amazed when she looked into the box.

The first thing to catch her eyes was a movie case.

The woman on the front was completely naked with her legs wide open.

She was spreading her pussy lips open with her first and middle fingers, making her pussy look like a little pink butterfly. Boys wanking on webcam post.

She thought it was cute.

It wasn’t until she picked up the movie for a closer look that she realized that there was a penis in her ass.

She had heard people talk about ass fucking, but it was this moment where her innocents left a little; she realized girls actually do let boys fuck their asses.

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So you want to watch a movie huh? Heather snatched the movie form her sisters’ hands and ran to the living room.

The two sat on separate couches as the movie started.

The opening scene was a male female scene.

Climaxing to the man, cumming in her ass, and the creamy fluid, dripping from her stretched bung. Fuck girls in my area for free no credit card.

Would you ever let a guy fuck your ass hole? Jenny asked wondering if she was the only one turned on watching such a filthy thing.

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