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Rachel was 2 years younger than me a couple inches taller than me a bit more tan with the slightly the smallest breasts of the sisters but the nicest ass. Sarah was 4 years younger than me and had just turned 16 but had developed the most out of all of us having quite perky breast and she had the most freckles of all the sisters. Asian online websex. I walked into Rachel’s room, figuring she was the older one so probably had taken it. After some light sister chat I awkwardly approached the topic.

Um, so… have you been in my room recently, I said

What? Rachel replied

I am missing something, just wondering if you took it. Wab cam sex video.

What the fuck are you accusing me of taking?

It was in my nightstand, it’s a private thing.

Naked katrina doing sex. rachel

Um what?


Oh you mean something like this, she said as she reached into the pile of stuffed animals she had on a shelf. She pulled out to my shock a large purple veiny toy about 2 inches longer than mine and a bit wider. Nicoledestiny lave sex cam.

Well, yeah.

Um…. I didn’t know you had one. Um but if you didn’t take it then… As I trailed off we both ran to Sarah’s room.

She had gone to the bathroom so we went in and started to rummage through looking for it.

I was going through her dresser and Rachel went through her dirty laundry. Anna peaks porno. Then I started to hear Rachel giggle. Did you find it? I asked

Aw, Sis this is cute. She giggled as she fiddled with my 7 glow in the dark vibrator.

Naked katrina doing sex. rachel

Sorry I am not ramming myself with a 9 wonder cock like you, slut, I quipped back.

Easy, I was just kidding, she said as she turned it on, Okay, now I see why you use it, it has some power. Webcam group sex tube.

Shut up, give that to me, I said as I took it from her.

So are you going to yell at her? Rachel asked.

Um…no, I’m going to wash it though, I giggled.

Then let’s get out of here before she gets back, Rachel said. We both left then, I went right to my room and put it away. Kanada gay sexs.

The next morning I was the first one up, I went down to the kitchen to make some breakfast. Rachel got up while I was making myself some eggs and helped herself to a piece of my toast.

So did you have fun last night?

Naked katrina doing sex. rachel
Rachel asked

What? … Oh, no I did not. Toastir live cam sexchat. Geez! I blurted out.

Oh well I did.

Oh and how was the big boy?

She was great; actually it got me thinking about Sarah.

Ew, you think about Sarah when you do that.

Amanda, shut up, I was just thinking that Sarah should have her own. I mean stealing yours just won’t do. Paty-owens web sex.

Well what do you think we should just tell her we caught her stealing my toy and tell her where the store is?

Um… NO, one I am pretty sure she realized it was gone and she got caught, two I think we should take her to the store.


Well I mean your toy kind of got me thinking what a little more power might feel like down there, and I saw how you looked at the size of mine.

Naked katrina doing sex. rachel
Sexy paige webcam. So I mean she could take some advice from the both of us and make an informed decision. And didn’t you just run in grab the first one you saw and left. This way she could be more comfortable.

That’s very true, also I mean she borrowed mine so it’s only fair that I borrow hers right? Katrinablonde free vebcam sexist. And I don’t want to borrow a bad one.

Naked katrina doing sex.