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Well happy anniversary honey, Kay said to Dan as she closed the door behind the exiting girl.

Now I suppose we should go shower and get dressed dear, we have dinner reservations in a couple of hours and I want to take you shopping first, Dan replied. Com2 com sexy live free.

I don’t know what time it was when I woke up, but as soon as I tried to lift my head from the pillow to look at the clock by my bed I wished I hadn’t.

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It felt as if a thousand hammers were thudding into my skull, my mouth tasted of ashes and I felt very sick. Live video sex chat messengers.

I groaned and shut my eyes and waited for the pain to go away.

I must have fallen asleep again because when I surfaced to some kind of consciousness again the world beyond my eyelids seemed brighter, although I still didn’t dare open my eyes.

The pain seems to have receded a little too, probably because two sets of fingers were gently massaging my temples — small fingers, a girl’s fingers! Becca porno. What the hell? Girls weren’t permitted in the men’s halls of residence in those far off days, nor men in the women’s halls come to that.

It may have been the Swinging Sixties, but universities were still stuck in the dark ages.

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For a while I was content to just lie there. Pornstar sexy school girl hair.

Trying to think was like wading through thick mud, so I gave up the effort of trying to remember until something like sanity returned.

Slowly however, random pictures began to rise up out of the miasma, and eventually I was able to piece them together into some sort of coherent story. Webcam porn no sighn up.

My new found friend on the same landing in our hall — this was only a few weeks after the start of the fresher term — was a jazz aficionado and even had a collection of about fifty rather scratched vinyls and a Dansette record player.

I had discovered jazz a couple of years earlier when my then girlfriend gave me an EP of Duke Ellington for my birthday, but I was no expert.

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John, on the other hand, came from London and had been a regular at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club since his fifteenth birthday — he had lied about his age since you weren’t allowed into licensed premises until the age of sixteen.

Anyway, as soon as he arrived in Bristol he had looked out all the local jazz clubs, and every Friday night while we were all drinking in the Students’ Union Bar he would disappear, to reappear around lunch time the next day with blood shot eyes and the mother and father of a hangover. Captainpyrat usa sex com.

I have no idea where he spent the night, quite possibly sleeping it off on some bench in the university gardens — it was an unusually warm autumn that year.

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That particular Friday he had invited me to go with him to a pub he had heard about near the docks where he said there was apparently a particularly good amateur combo topping the bill. Gay porno web cam.

We caught the bus into townvery few students had cars — promising ourselves we would leave the bar before well in time to catch the last bus.

When we eventually found the place, it was in a dingy back street.

The interior wasn’t much better — with a cracked linoleum covered floor and walls stained dark brown by nicotine, all shrouded in a pall of thick cigarette smoke, but the beer was cheap. Markbrix1 seks fuck.

The first couple of acts weren’t much good so we sank a few beers and got through a couple of packets of fags while we waited.

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Our patience was rewarded however, because John had been right, the main act may have been amateurs but they were electrifying — the sax player was good enough to play with any of the top bands, and his improvisations were out of this world. Zorlama sex skachat online com.

My problems started after they had finished.

I’ve never been a great beer drinker, but I think I must have had at least ten pints and the last couple of hours are just a blur of fags, faces and the flatter of people talking far too loud.

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