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Then, they had to be spanked that same evening by two members of the resident's committee of the block of flats they lived in which was so humiliating, although again they masturbated once they got back to their own beds.

The two committee members had then offered to lend them enough money to pay off their immediate debt, which they thankfully took. Sexfdevbgerge sex chat online video tamil.

However, a condition of the loan was that they would be given a spanking every week until the money was repaid.

That was okay whilst the residents carried out the spanking, even though both teachers were fully naked and several members of the committee watched.

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In fact, both teachers found that they were aroused by being spanked and both masturbated very soon afterwards.

Then, after four weeks, the committee members made the decision that future spankings would be carried out by a series of girls who lived in the block. Webcam mature couples.

That meant the two teachers being spanked on their bare bottoms whilst they were naked but the girls, who were all eighteen or nineteen-years-old, were fully dressed except for having bare legs.

Added to that, all the girls were students in the college where the two teachers taught which added to their humiliation day by day when they attended college to teach those same girls.

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Whilst both teachers found being spanked by the teenagers erotic on the day of the spanking, it became so humiliating when teaching those same girls in the classroom the next day.

So the two teachers hatched a plan to defraud three of the parents to pay off their debt and end the humiliation. Hot webcam tease.

However, it was a badly thought out plan which the parents quickly saw through, and reported both teachers to the police.

That led to an investigation and the teachers were given the choice of either go to court and risking prison sentences or attending the discipline centre to be punished.

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The teachers had little choice but to agree to attend the discipline centre, and today was their appointment.

Both Dale and Mary had checked and knew they had to wear dresses with hems halfway down their thighs and leave their legs bare.

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