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How did you sort all this out?"

"The night before you came back, what did we do?"

"Um… nothing, it's the one night we didn't talk. I was tidying up and packing and you said you needed sleep, instead of talking in the middle of the night. Oh… wow.

You were down here?"

"Checked the chalet, booked the car, picked up our passes, sorted everything. "


"The resort is secure. Live sexy web cam. They don't want any voyeurs or troublemakers wandering around unless they pay and take their clothes off.

There are barriers, you need a pass to get in. They're in my bag. "

June unbuttoned her dress and spread it open. "If I see a cop or anyone I'll cover up. Online live sex canada f actar. What kind of naturist is it?"

"What kind?"

"There are some that are all pure, no erections, no hanky-panky.

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I call them prudists rather than nudists. It's not like that I hope?"

"It's so big that there are all sorts. On the beach one end is for families and the other is more anything goes. "

"How long is the beach?"

"Miles and miles. Sexytigress hot web cam show. Our chalet is towards the other end. "

As soon as they were through the barrier June threw off her dress. "Come on you, stop the car and get naked. "

Dan had little choice and a minute later was driving naked, purring slowly though the site to get to their chalet. Campo grande sex dating. As soon as the bags were inside and the door locked June wanted to walk outside.

"It's all very well for you being on New York time. "

"Do you want me to find someone else to fuck?"

"No, I'm sure you could, you don't have to prove it, but you did promise.

"I did.

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"It's a long walk to the beach at this time, some of the gates are closed but I know a way. " Dan picked up a bag, stuffed some money and two towels into it and led the way out of the door. As they got near the beach he made her stop for a moment, wrapping one arm around her.

"Can you hear the sea?"

"Mmmm, how far is it?"

"Another minute. "

The beach opened out in front of them, in the half moonlight it seemed to extend forever. Betty masters of sex.

There were a few people visible, some walking and others horizontal. They headed east, away from the afterglow of sunset, away from the lights of the hotels and into the seemingly endless moonlight.

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They soon moved beyond any sign of people. Dan stopped and pulled June down onto the sand, insisting that she lay for a while on her back and looked up.

"Have you ever seen so many stars?"

"Never. "

"Look over there, about four O'clock, do you see that tiny dot moving. "

"Is it a plane?"

"No, a satellite. Looking for a regular fuck buddybooty call. There's hundreds of them up there.

You often can't see them in the city because the background light is too bright. "

"I never knew.

Is this part of you surprising me?"

"I've barely started. "

"That's not a pun is it?" She giggled. "How far does the tide come in?"

"Hardly at all. Webcam znessaz anal video. A couple of feet up and down. It's the Mediterranean. "

"So we could lie in the water for ages and not get swamped. "

Dan sprang up and helped her to her feet and they jogged down to the water.

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June stood for a moment letting the sea splash onto her toes, watching to see where the waves ended.

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