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When you finally came down to earth, you let me slip from your mouth and crawled forward.

You stopped at the edge of the bed, arched your back, and looked at me like you were craving everything I was craving.

With that, I got to my knees, positioned myself behind you, and slipped into you in one long, slow stroke. Laura ballwin webcam 33.

When I bottomed out, you squealed a little and I stayed still letting you adjust.

I could feel you clench around me, which I took as a sign to get started.

I slowly slid out until only the head of my dick was left inside you, and then I slid all the way in again. Sex chat live ohne cam.

I repeated this move a few more times until we found a rhythm, and with that, I began to fuck you harder and faster with each stroke.

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You started pushing back, your back perfectly arched, and as I thrust harder into you, I could feel my balls slapping against you. Linda lawrence webcam show.

It wasn’t long before I felt your hand fondling me, teasing your clit at the same time.

I knew I couldn’t last too long, so I knew what I had to do.

With your hand on your clit and my cock buried in your pussy.

I grabbed a beautiful cheek in each hand and started to squeeze. Limpopo sex chat lines.

I slapped your ass to gauge your reaction, and when all I heard was moaning, I licked my thumb and began to rim your asshole.

Between my tongue and your orgasms, your asshole was wonderfully wet, and so I set about applying pressure to your hole until my thumb slipped inside.

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Alternating my thumb and my cock, I set about fucking you as hard and fast as I could.

I knew I had seconds left before I blew, so I told you I was about to cum.

You told me to wait, to not stop yet, to not stop fucking you, and then you buried your face in the bed as your pussy clenched around my cock one final time. Sexy costume catwoman.

I couldn’t hold back anymore, and emptied everything I had inside your perfect pussy.

I let my thumb slip out of your ass, rimming you a few more seconds before pulling it away, but let my cock stay inside you, holding your hips.

You held still while I throbbed inside you, your clenching milking each and every last drop from me.

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When I finally started to lose my size, you leaned forward and collapsed onto the bed.

I lay down next to you, expecting to lay in silence while you collected yourself, but I was mistaken.

You grabbed my face forcefully and began kissing me, hard and deep. Office sex cam.

It was passionate and sexy, and if I wasn’t so spent from just minutes ago filling you with what felt like a gallon of cum, it would have made me stiffen up on contact.

You climbed on top of me, never breaking the kiss, and I could feel your sloppiness on my stomach. Premarital sex in newfane new york.

When you broke the kiss, I thought you would say something, but instead, you slid down between my legs and took my cock in your mouth again.

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You weren’t trying to make me hard, you were cleaning me up.

It felt incredible, and when you were done, you looked up at me, smiled, swallowed. Asian desi hot sexy naked girls videos.

Then crawled back up next to me and laid your head next to mine.

Great cock, you said.

Great everything, I said to you.

With that, I put my arm out, and you took the invitation to cuddle into me and rested your head on my chest.

Seriously, though, great cock, you said again, and I teasingly replied with, Seriously, though, great everything. Sex dating in ben wheeler texas.

I love your body.

I have wanted that for so long.

I have to admit, me too, you said, and then we laid in silence for a few minutes.

Your leg was over mine and you were a great cuddler.

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Your naked body felt great against me, and my hand instinctively made its way from the small of your back to your bum. Pattie wife live free chat sexy.

I was gently stroking it as you nuzzled into my neck.

While you were getting comfortable, you ground your pussy into my leg a little.

It caused me to twitch a little, but I still needed some time to recover.

I pushed my leg against you, and you humped my leg slowly, my cum and your wetness making my thigh slick. Free sex talk chat cams.

I was fondling your ass, starting to get turned on, and I just couldn’t help myself.

I leaned in and kissed you again, strong and passionate like before.

You turned onto your back.

I then worked my way down to your tits, licking and sucking your nipples.

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After a minute I worked my way down to your mound and started licking your clit.

I ignored your pussy for a little while, my cum still dripping from earlier.

After a few minutes you pushed back against my mouth, and I began to dip down and eat you from your bum up to your clit. Live webcam xxx free no sign up.

You cleaned me up, so it’s only polite.

Being an ass lover, I reached up, pushed you back, and began rimming your asshole.

It was a bold move, and I was unsure how you would react, but if nothing else it cleaned up the mix of my cum and your juices that had been dripping down and, from your response, it turned you on.

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