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"Oh my god Jared, you are an animal.

I love you so much. " Jennifer started to kiss me all over and we just lay there, in ecstasy.

A few minutes passed and we started to make out once more.

"So Jen, are we going to celebrate like this each time I get into a college?"

"Fuck yeah, that was the best sex we've ever had. "

"Agreed. Live sex feed. The night’s still young sweetie," I gently whispered into her ear. "Can we go again?"

Jennifer smiled big and said, "Of course college boy, fuck me in the ass this time?"

"What is this?" Chelsea asked as they entered the dark, cavernous building. Once her eyes adjusted to the rooms' dim light, she was able to make out a bar area at one end of the building, several small square tables with white table cloths, a few bigger tables with white tablecloths for larger parties, and a large stage at the other end of the building.

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Pornsex pink hot live online. Along one wall, next to the stage, was a long wooden bench.

There were about a dozen people sitting on the wooden bench, mostly women, but all sitting quietly with their heads down. Chelsea noticed they seemed to be waiting for something, although she had no idea what. Mature webcam live.

There was quite a crowd gathered, men and women, and some of them wore some rather shocking outfits!

He didn't answer her question at first. Instead, he walked her to an unoccupied table and seated her, pulling her chair out then pushing it back in after she sat down, just like he had done at the restaurant. Online sex chat with men. A minute or so after they sat down, a young girl came up to the table.

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She had a nice figure and blond shoulder-length hair. But what shocked Chelsea was that the girl wore nothing but a collar and a very tiny thong panty!

"How may I help you, Sir?" she said with her head down.

"We will take a Jack and coke, and a Mojito. "

"Very good, Sir. Bunny sexy dress. I shall be back with your drinks right away," she said, padding off to fetch the drinks.

"Master, what is this? What is going on?" Chelsea asked again.

"This is a BDSM party, slut. I wanted you to see how others in 'The Life' interact. Just watch and learn. "

Chelsea looked around, fascinated. Karachi girl webcam sex chatroom.

She saw Masters and Mistresses in various types of outfits of leather and latex. She saw submissives, sluts, and slaves.

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Some were waiting on tables like the girl who had approached their table. Some were walking around asking the Doms in the room if they could be of service to them. Hot skinny teen brunette hardcore fucking. Others were busy doing just that - Chelsea saw several girls orally servicing the Masters and Mistresses right at the table, or bent over their knees getting spanked just for the Doms' pleasure. All of the submissives were scantily dressed if dressed at all. Female sexual performance amxiety. It really was a sight that Chelsea had never in her wildest imaginations envisioned!

"Attention ladies and gentlemen!" Chelsea turned to see a man standing on the side of the stage next to a microphone stand. "Thank you all for coming tonight to our little gathering.

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I see we have quite a nice crowd and that pleases me very much.

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