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I assumed that they were to provide additional friction and stimulation to my vagina.

I would soon learn that I certainly did not need any additional friction or stimulation.

I guided him to the bed and had him lie on his back. I climbed on top of him, straddling his hips and his erection. Sex in hindi wikipedia. I pointed the head of his magnificent cock at the opening of my newly shaven vagina as I positioned myself over it.

I rubbed his head back and forth at my opening for several seconds.

When I rubbed the thick head across my swollen clit, I could not keep from moaning as a shiver ran through me. Married women glencliff new hampshire looking for sex. I was so aroused!

He arched his hips upward instinctively, trying to hurry me along.

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I pulled back away, leaving him humping at the air, teasing him, temporarily withholding the prize he coveted: my vagina.

Patience, my good man. Patience, I teased. "Let me drive at first. "

And again holding the head of his erection at my opening momentarily, I slowly lowered myself down on him, putting an inch or two inside me. Sexy freiburg. Oh god, you feel so big and thick. I don't know if you will fit inside me.

I raised myself up, pulling him nearly out of me, and then lowered myself down again, a bit further this time, taking more of him inside me. I could feel myself being stretched open, almost pried open. Western blue line on your way to work fuck. It was slightly uncomfortable to be stretched this much, but it also felt good to have the helmet of his large cock inside the opening of my vagina.

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I knew I needed to go slowly. I adjusted my position and raised up, and slowly lowed myself down a bit more, taking a couple of inches inside me. Skachat teen forced by online predator sex.

I repeated the motion, With each slow downward thrust, I struggled to accommodate a bit more of his significant girth as I slowly worked him deeper and deeper inside me.

I had taken three to four inches inside me when Johan arched his hips and tried to push a little deeper. Gerda51 porno. Suddenly, there was a pain inside me.

Oh shit! Stop! I yelped out as I panted for a moment. "Johan, you are much bigger than my husband. You need to go slow and allow me to adjust to you. "

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. "

"I know you didn't.

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It's okay. Lupe fuentes porno hd. But let me drive until I get full open and relaxed, okay?"

The pain subsided after a moment. I raised up and lowered myself cautiously again, very slowly.

He was so very hard. I now had most of his penis inside me. I looked down between my thighs to see that I had another one and a half to two inches or so to accommodate. Arab sex on webcam.

In this position, after allowing him to penetrate me with the first five inches or so, the head of his cock was rubbing the front inside wall of my vaginal wall, stimulating my G-spot.

He was sufficiently large to cause me to have to work slowly to open up enough to fully accommodate him without encountering the sudden shock of pain as I had moments ago.

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It took me several more cycles of raising up and slowly lowering myself down before he had wedged himself completely inside me. I felt very full; stretched in fact.

I looked over at Oscar and saw him stroking his penis. "Baby, he is a very big man," I said, stating the obvious. "Your wife's little pussy is very, very full right now.

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