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Rebecca dismounted, allowing Karen and I to kiss, passing the viscous liquid back and forth, smearing it on our lips and cheeks.

I bent my head and captured one of her lust swollen nipples, sucking like needy infant.

She came almost instantly, moaning at first, then screaming, followed by her clasping cunt milking my cock until it replied with a burst of its own, filling her cavern with lust quenching sperm. Liza angels webcam nude.

Rolling off me, Karen offered herself to Rebecca, who latched onto the redhead’s cunt and voraciously sucked until it seemed empty.

I moved to the head of the bad, offering Karen, my now limp, cum and honey covered cock for her to feast from.

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Rebecca emerged from between Karen’s thighs, her face shimmering with cum, asked, What are you cooking us for dinner Grey? Tefany22 omegle sex chat tv xxx. We just supplied dessert.

The car came to pick me up at six next morning.

As instructed by Liam, I had packed an overnight bag, but I still had no idea where we were heading to.

The only clue I’d been given was that it involved flying of some kind.

Tossing and turning all night, I had fantasised about everything from helicopter rides over central London, to hot air ballooning through the Cotswolds, even wondering for a split second if he’d organised a skydive.

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Outside, the weather was frosty but dry, with a thin blanket of ice coating the parked cars.

I downed the last mouthful of my nasty instant coffee and checked the hall mirror; I was wearing low-heeled boots, tight jeans, a jumper and a black mac with a faux fur stole. Hidden camera college sex.

My hair was blow-dried and straightened, falling over the stole and sending out some low-key Russian assassin vibes.

You look beaut, Claire said, appearing in the doorway between the lounge and narrow hall corridor.

Her hair stuck out in all directions. Webcam skinny tiny young ass vk.

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Have you packed some trainers, just in case you’re hiking? Evening dress? Sexy underwear? Check, check, check, I said, kicking the black bag at my feet.

I wasn’t sure if I would end up wearing it - and sex with Liam definitely did not require any spicing up - but I had thrown my obscenely priced French lace bodysuit and suspenders in too; more to see the look of shock on his face than anything else. Fuck some one tonight completely free.

I hoped the overnight surprise didn’t involve camping.


Get out of here then, what are you bloody waiting for? Claire gave me a hug and took the latch off.

You look like Villanelle from Killing Eve.

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I fucking love it.

-- The Range Rover indicated at the Luton Airport motorway exit and minutes later we were sweeping past the main airport building and into the private jet terminal, queuing at the security gate behind two other blacked out SUVs. Arab webcam sex videos.

My stomach quickened as we were waved through and straight on to the tarmac.

What the fuck? I pressed my face against the window.

Was this some kind of joke? The driver didn’t speak, but I caught him flash a small smile in the rear-view mirror as he slowed down beside a private Gulfstream jet, the sleek and shiny kind you see in rap videos, not real life.

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My heart leapt as I noticed Liam, standing at the bottom of the steps, chatting animatedly to the pilot.

He was wearing an expensive navy polo shirt and a sports jacket, a leather holdall at his feet.

Hey, he said, opening the door a few seconds later.

He helped me out of the car and kissed me on the cheek, slipping his hand under my jacket and into the small of my back. Nicole aniston xxx porno.

You look beautiful.

Are we shooting a music video? I said, staring around in awe.

He laughed and slung my bag over his shoulder.

We can make a film later if you want.

He winked and laced his fingers with mine, come on.

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The pilot shook my hand as I followed Liam up the steps and onto the plane. Violette pink porno.

An air hostess was standing just outside the flight deck, beaming from ear to ear and dressed in a blue and gold uniform.

I tried to pick my jaw up off the floor a few seconds later as the interior revealed itself; a handful of cream leather seats, luxurious walnut panels and a bedroom cabin at the back. John cena and nikki bella sexy.

Mr Hale and Miss Chalmers, it’s a pleasure to have you both on board, she said, leading us down the aisle to a pair of seats that faced each other.

Please take a seat and I’ll fix you a drink.

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We’ll be pushing back in fifteen minutes or so.

The weather in Edinburgh is beautiful: chilly but sunny. What is missionary style sex position.

Edinburgh? My head was spinning.

-- London looked like a toy town as we picked up altitude and cut through the thick white clouds.

Across from me, Liam looked incredibly handsome, with the edges of his tattoos just visible below the sleeves of his T-shirt. Black male midget sex.

You’re too far away.

Come and sit here, he said, patting his knee.

We were at cruising altitude now and had a flight time of forty minutes.

I stood up, surprised at the lack of turbulence, despite the small size of the aircraft.

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He pulled me on to his lap and slid his arms around my waist. Mary lynn rajskub sex.

His chin rested on my collarbone and I could feel his warm breath on my ear.

Goosebumps formed on my skin as I tried to wrap my mind around the situation.

I was on a private jet with Liam Hale.

I pushed all thoughts of my shitty job to the back of my mind and focused on the feel of his arms around me.

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