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I forced my eyes lower. Cece's blonde bush was neatly trimmed. I could see that she shaved her pussy from above her clit and down.

I closed the distance between us, kissing her and then dropping to my knees. My tongue snaked out, licking her labia, teasing her vagina. Free cam sex live chaturbate. Cece's pussy was shaved, even her ass crack was bare of any hair. Walking on my knees, I pushed her backwards until her legs were stopped by my bed. Cece flopped back, raising her feet onto the bed, her glistening pussy totally exposed. Using my fingers, I opened up her slit, exposing her clit. Sexsi sex video. I touched it gently with my tongue tip, then flicked my tongue back and forth over it.

"Fuck, Mike.

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Eat my pussy, make me cum. "

I sucked her clit between my lips, licking gently. I sucked harder and Cece moaned. My lips were now covered by her pussy lips.

"Damn, you sure can eat pussy," she moaned. "Bite my clitty, please. "

She was almost begging me. Angri-bird adult sex webcams. I bit her lightly and Cece erupted into an orgasm. Her fingers were twisting my hair as she pulled my face tight against her sex. I forced my tongue down and into her vagina. A flood of her juices splashed onto my tongue and face. Cece was cumming hard now. Black man for sex in atlanta. Her orgasms cumming one right after the other. I wouldn't quit until she asked me to. I wondered how many years since she had a man give her an orgasm.

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I nipped her clit again, Cece moaned as her pussy quivered with another orgasm.

"Enough, Mike, I've had enough. Webcam boys bbc3. Come up here and kiss me, please," she was begging this time.

As soon as my face left her pussy, I stuck two fingers in her. She was so wet they disappeared deep. I rested my thumb on her clit, but didn't move it. Cece hugged me to her body, as I kissed her and started to finger fuck her.

"Fuck me with your cock, Mike. Video porno de taylor lautner. Fill my cunt with your big cock. Fuck me deep and cum in me. Please, I want and need to be fucked by you. "

I pulled my fingers from her wet pussy, and moved around so I was between her legs. Cece drew her knees to her chest and spread them slightly.

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This was the first time in my life that I saw a woman in that position. Camping gay sex tumblr.

Cece was looking at me to see what I was doing.

I moved closer to her, my cock poised to enter her glistening pussy.

My cock touched her lips as I slowly moved my hips forward. Her cunt split open and my cock slid partway into her.

Cece moaned, "Oh god that feels good. Women who wanna fuck. It's been so long. Take it easy until I expand to take your thickness. "

"God you are hot! Why is your pussy so hot? Is my cock cold inside of you?"

"My pussy has been hot for you since you came back. Is your cock cold? Hell no, it's hot, what's inside of me. Smell my sexy feet while you masturbate. You can go a little deeper now. "

I pushed more of my cock into Cece's pussy.

"Baby, you're so wet. "

"Just for you.

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You are the one who has made me so damn fuckin' horny. I'm so ready, sink that monster into me. "

I rested my hands on each side of her, and let my hips sink down. 100 percent free live mobi sex porn videos. My cock was seated deep in her now, my pubic bone tight against her clit. Cece started to move. Her movements were rubbing her clit on my pubic bone, she started to moan.

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