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I pulled my cock out, hesitated a moment, and then drove it in fast and hard.

"Fuck me.

fuck me," she pleaded as my swollen shaft drilled into her.

She was rocking and rolling as my balls slapped against her, echoing in the room.

The slap, slap, slap sped up, sounding like a train running on the tracks, as we fucked. Freesex vedio free.

The pressure built in my heavy sack, my balls screaming for relief, as she wrapped her legs around me.

She wasn't going to let me pull out, she wanted me to unload inside of her.

"Cum in me.

cum in my fucking pussy.

give me that fucking load baby!" she urged.

"Oh baby, here it comes.

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here it fucking comes!" I groaned as my cock erupted.

The massive load filled her waiting pussy as she climaxed with me, our fluids mixing into a glorious mess.

I rammed my exploding cock as deep into her as I could.

I held it there, feeling it spasm and throb, as my balls emptied. Helen mirren porno.

Her pussy was clenched on it like a fucking vise.

She was screaming into my shoulder, almost biting into it, as she shook with her orgasm.

We collapsed together for a moment.

Her hand stroked my hair gently as her leg lock on my waist loosened.

Squeezing her pussy muscles tight she pushed out my cock and the gigantic load of cum I had unloaded.

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Both plopped onto the bed, the cum slowly oozing into a big puddle under her cute little ass.

"Fuck, that's going to leave a stain," I said to myself.

"That's a good boy," she praised.

I looked at her questioningly.


I'm a good boy?" "I'm talking to Rambo," she said, pointing at my semi-hard cock. Open minded sexting buddy.

We laughed.

I stood up and grabbed a towel off the dresser, wiping the juices from my cock.

Melanie used it wipe herself and then checked her skirt for wetness.


She had lifted it high enough that it had been tucked away, underneath her, away from the lucious love puddle on the bed.

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We stood together and embraced, kissing gently, and then she went into the adjoining bathroom to wash up.

"Why the fuck won't my pants stay up?" I quizzed myself.

The button.

I grabbed a length of wire off of the pile of parts on the table, wondering what the fuck all of this shit was for, and used it as a belt. Unique sex entry positions.

I pulled my shirt down over it.

It worked well enough.

I went into the washroom and looked in the mirror.

My face glistned like a glazed donut in the display case at Tim Hortons.

I washed my face and hands.


I didn't her scent to be obvious to anyone else.

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We went back upstairs to join the others, entering the kitchen together, and froze in place.

"That's a good boy!" bellowed from the living room, followed by tremendous laughter.

Fucking Grandpa.

"Better keep Rambo on a leash!" Gran shouted from the kitchen. Chat with girls sexy chat without any registration.

Both rooms burst into uncontrolled laughter.

Melanie went so pale she was almost fucking invisible.

Then her face reddened like a ripe tomato.

She dropped her face into her hands in an attempt to hide.

Oma, Gran, and my aunts suddenly swarmed us, pushing me out of the way, and formed a womanly group hug around Melanie.

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Mom put her arm me and led me out of the kitchen and into the living room.

"Now all you assholes shut up for a minute, you have embarrassed him enough," she stated.

"Good job my boy!" yelled Grandpa as he gave me the thumbs-up.

This resulted in his receiving a death stare from my mom. Hot sexy fucking older women for dating.

Although she was not a big woman she could take down you down if she had to.

Grandpa shut up.

"I want to show you this so you know what is going on," Mom continued.

Oma and Gran brought Melanie next to me and Gran put my arm around Melanie's waist.

I hugged her tight.

"I'm sooo fucking sorry," I whispered to her.

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Mom picked up a remote control and pushed a button.

The gigantic big-screen TV, which Dad had recently bought, came alive.

On the screen was a frozen image of Melanie and I in the basement bedroom.

Mom pushed another button and the image became a streaming video of us, in the basement, just as the button blew off and my pants dropped to my ankles. London to essex.

She stopped it there.


ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?" I exclaimed in a rather loud voice.

"Calm down," Mom said.

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