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As a gentleman, and being that you are the person seated nearest the teapot, you should have offered to refill my cup before you allowed it to empty!" "I apologize.

Would you care for more tea, Mrs.

Carine?" "Yes, I think I should. Threesome sex pic.

Thank you, boy.

" As I sat forward to refill her cup she asked, "What thoughts have you found yourself lost in?" Answering her truthfully I told her how I constantly relived our day together, when she first touched me; the feel of her hands on me, the feel of her pussy against my hand and cock, and how I have fantasized of more ever since.

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She sipped her tea while I spoke, never appearing surprised, never showing any emotion.

When I finished she set her cup down again.

"I think that's enough lessons for today, boy.

Come with me.

" I followed her back upstairs.

My thoughts again returning to sexual lust and fantasies as I watched her ass sway before me.


" "Yes, Mrs.

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Carine," I said softly, and started to obey her.

I thought she was disappointed in my confessions, and would send me home, as she usually did at this point in our meetings.

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