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He then lifted Kristen’s legs and slid his legs beneath hers.

He inched himself forward guiding his cock to the entrance of Kristen’s vagina.

He looked up at me and used his two thumbs to separate her inner lips so that I could see her wide open pussy. Latina girl strips and fucks.

I couldn’t believe how hot it was watching another guy slide his big dick into my wife.

I felt like my own cock was about ready to explode.

Ali had been also watching Scott and moved her head up onto Kristen’s thigh to get a closer look.

As Scott began sliding his cock in and out of her soaked pussy Ali leaned forward and began licking her clit.

Having kissing sucking lesbian sex. kristen
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I couldn’t wait any longer and moved onto my knees between Ali’s thighs.

I wiggled my cock between her inner lips and slowly leaned forward.

As I entered her she thrust her hips upward forcing my penis deep into her pussy.

I continued fucking Ali while I watched Scott hammering away at Kristen. Leonsy gamycams com cali jeunes femmes cams live adult webcams chat.

I could tell Kristen was getting close to cumming by her groaning.

The more she groaned the wilder Ali got eating her pussy.

She barely came up for air.

She alternated between Kristen's vulva and Scott’s dick each time he withdrew.

Having kissing sucking lesbian sex. kristen

Scott quickly picked up his pace as both he and Kristen approached orgasm. Bestcouple007 video porno pakistan.

Kristen started thrashing as she came, and Scott gave a few more thrusts before he unloaded deep within Kristen.

As he withdrew Ali licked him clean and then leaned back to concentrate on her own approaching orgasm.

Kristen sat up watching my cock disappearing into Ali. Sheryne sex16 18.

She surprised me when she reached over and slid one hand down to rub both Ali’s clit and my dick, while she tugged on Ali’s nipple with the other hand.

That was all Ali needed to send her over the edge.

Having kissing sucking lesbian sex. kristen

She came with a loud explosive orgasm.

After watching the scene before me it took only a few more strokes for me to erupt and collapse onto Ali. Person online sex livechat canada babes and aunty.

We stayed like that for a minute and then I withdrew my wilting penis.

We all sat back, grabbed our drinks, and smiled at each other.

I don’t think any of us could believe what had happened.

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