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The strangest thing, though, was how my craving for pussy had morphed into a desire to suck cocks to satisfy my lust.

The other club members finally found us and we all went to the tavern to drink.

George and I acted as if nothing had happened.

As we sat there socializing, I looked at the other men and couldn’t help wondering if I would be able to suck their cocks, given the right situations. Hootkitty indo webcam sex 3gp.

I was becoming obsessed with the desire to suck more cocks and swallow more cum.

Over the next several weeks I took advantage of many opportunities to suck George’s cock and balls both in my truck and in my workshop.

We rotated our pairings on the transmitter hunts, and I found two of my other friends who reluctantly agreed to let me suck them, if only infrequently.

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I was always looking for more, and somewhere along the line, I began to think about how enjoyable it would be to suck someone much younger than me.

That’s when I thought of David.

David and several of his friends from the neighborhood began taking ham classes with me when they were twelve years old. Anna kournikova sexy photos.

Over the years, his friends dropped out of the classes as they got older and developed other interests.

David is different than the others because he's shyer and withdrawn socially, and really takes the classes and licensing seriously.

He comes over to the workshop to work with me on radio equipment on many evenings and weekends other than our formal classes.

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We had established an innocent emotional connection and became good friends.

Soon after my first homosexual experience with George, I realized that David had turned sixteen in the spring, which is the age of consent in South Carolina.

I’m not really attracted to men or boys, per se, but just to the idea of sucking their cocks. Sex cam vk.

Still, I recognize David as a good-looking boy.

Although not effeminate, he was kind of skinny and maybe five feet and nine inches tall, with long, shaggy hair.

I started to engage him in more-personal conversations and learned that he hadn’t had much interest in girls. Sex and the city film 1 watch online.

He was considered to be a ham radio geek by his friends who had already started dating girls.

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We had an unusually friendly relationship for a fifty-year-old man and a sixteen-year-old boy, and I encouraged him to call me by my first name.

He would talk with me about almost anything, and I’m almost ashamed to admit that I took advantage of our friendship and began carefully testing the waters to determine his interest in sex. Electraandsam live girls chathabat webcam room.

Up until that time we had never taken boys on our transmitter hunts, primarily because we always go to the tavern afterwards.

However, when I told the club members that I wanted to invite David to join our club and take him with me on the hunts, I got no arguments. Victoria june porno365.

They all knew that he was serious about ham radio and was close to obtaining his Amateur Extra Class license.

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I invited David to join the club and ride with me on the next transmitter hunt.

He was happy and quickly agreed to ride with me on a Friday night in early September. Lili7788 cam live sex canada free.

It was my turn to be the hidden transmitter again, and I packed a cooler with beer.

I knew that I wouldn’t be able to take David to the tavern afterwards and was hoping that a couple of beers might make him more pliable to my advances.

It was nearly dark when we headed out to hide. Sexy catwoman boobs.

I found a good spot down a dirt road into some thick woods, which is surrounded by several hills.

I knew that it would take the other teams a long time to find us.

We listened to music on the radio for a little while and I got each of us a beer out of the cooler.

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David was surprised that I would offer him a beer and he gladly accepted it.

That’s when I said, You might as well have a little fun tonight too.

I know that tonight is your homecoming game and dance at your school, and your classmates will probably be drinking at parties later tonight. Live gay sex chat.

They’ll probably be having fun with the girls too, if you know what I mean.

I’m just curious why you didn’t have plans with your friends instead of coming on this hunt with an old man like me? David took a big swig from his beer and replied, I would have liked to have gone to the game and dance, but I’ve never been too popular with the girls and didn’t have anyone to ask out. Sexy lingerie for girls.

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Most of my friends are bigger, stronger and more outgoing than me, and they all have dates.

Besides, I consider you to be one of my best friends.

I hope that doesn’t sound too weird or anything.

I saw his comments as a perfect way to delve deeper into his personal life and to begin to gauge his interest in having me suck his cock. Free malayalam sex chat.

I said, Well, those girls don’t know what they’re missing.

You’re a good looking, intelligent boy who would be a good catch for them.

If you don’t mind me asking, David, have you had any experiences with girls yet? His face was red with embarrassment as he took another swig of beer before answering, No, Clyde, I’m a little ashamed to say that I’ve never even kissed a girl.

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Some of my friends have told me about the sexual things they’ve done, but it’s hard to know if they’re even telling the truth.

I wanted to keep him talking about sex and I asked, What kinds of things are they talking about.

He squirmed a little before saying, You know, most of them have made out with girls, and some have even rubbed their breasts. Katiee best sex cam orgy free no sign ups.

Pardon my language, but three of them have said that they’ve gotten blowjobs and even sucked girls’ tits and then fucked the girls.

I also have a black friend who is always talking about how much he likes to fuck white girls.

I saw his use of foul language in front of me as a positive sign and said, Don’t worry about your language, David.

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