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After all, it was their bottoms that were stinging crazily already and they were the naked ones, whilst the fresh-faced teenage policewomen were all fully dressed and enjoying the humiliation they were pouring onto them.

This time there were two separate caning tables and a policewoman stood at the end of each, and, bending over, their faces just inches from Dale’s and Mary’s. Free indian live webcams porn.

As they both felt the cane being rubbed across their bottoms, Officer Carson starred at Dale with a very broad grin, and asked as though nothing else was happening, How clever do you feel now, you silly old woman?

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Dale knew she wasn’t supposed to answer, and, in any case, the very next moment the cane bit into her bottom. Wife butt fucked son.

She closed her eyes and threw her head back and yelped, and when she relaxed again she opened her eyes and saw the young policewoman‘s face again, just inches from hers, and, with an even broader grin on her face.

Dale heard Officer Carson ask, How was that, you silly old woman? Iphone live sex chat room free mobil. Dale knew the comments were intended to belittle her, and they did, although she did feel that being ridiculed by a nineteen-year-old policewoman served her right, and even felt quivers flying around her vagina, which she told herself was crazy as her bottom stung so much.

Girls kissing webcam. Dale
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However, she did feel aroused, but mainly because she felt so humiliated being dealt with by young women less than a third her own age.

Dale heard Mary scream out and knew she had just received a stroke of the cane and then next moment her own bottom suddenly stung crazily as she got her second stroke and, as the pain cascaded across her bottom so she knew that she wasn’t handling the caning at all well and, if that was only the second stroke, she wasn’t sure how she would actually get through thirty-four more strokes as hard as the two that she had already received.

Girls kissing webcam. Dale
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Worse still, the third stroke left her feeling even more distraught, and the fourth had her shaking her head with her eyes closed and she knew that she was pulling at the wrist cuffs, whilst the fifth stroke had her begging for mercy.

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