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I pushed forward, so now her legs were bent over her head.

I wanted to fuck her from behind.

She had a nice ass, and I wanted to see it.

I pulled out of her and spun her feet to the side.

She took the hint and backed off the desk.

She placed both hands on the desk as she bent over, her legs spread wide. Livesexcam online.

I lifted the skirt just enough so I could see her curvy Latin waist and her ample ass.

I gave it a good smack just for good measure.

"Again!" Rachelle yelled.

I smacked it harder this time.

"Again!" she yelled this time louder.

So I slapped it again, leaving a nice handprint.

"Good boy!" she said.

"Now put it in me," she said, turning back around and wiggling her ass.

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I slowly pushed it back into her, to which she smiled.

"Not that one.

" She turned and winked at me.

"Put it in my ass.

" I happily obliged, lining my dick with her asshole, slowly pushing it in.

It slowly went in she moaned loudly as the head of my dick disappeared inside her. Nookie_model indian sex chat no credit card.

I grabbed her waist and slowly began to fuck her ass.

"Fuck, that's a tight ass," I began to say as I started going faster.

"It should be.

You're the first to get in it," Rachelle moaned through gritted teeth, which made my dick harder inside her as I began to pick up the pace slowly.

"Damn, you're nearly taking it all," I grunted as I looked down at her ass.

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Staring down at my dick, most of it was deep inside of her tight ass.

"Give me all of it!" Rachelle screamed.

She began to bounce her ass backward toward me, meeting each of my thrusts.

Her nice plump Latin ass began to shake back and forth.

I slowly began to stop as she ground back on me.

"You want to see my ass shake," Rachelle said as she put her two hands on the table and began bouncing her ass up and down, back and forth on my dick. I sexchat.

I stood still watching her ass, slapping it now and then.

"Fuck yeah, take my dick in your ass," I said, giving it another firm slap.


I was near to cumming, so I grabbed her waist again and began to fuck her hard.

Her moans filled the room.

"Fuck, I am cumming!" I said.

"Cum in my ass," she said, still pushing back on me as I fucked her.

"Push it deep and fill my ass," she said. Webcam teen xnxx com.

Her dirty talk did it.

I grabbed her waist again and pushed my dick all the way inside.

I began to cum, forcing my dick deeper inside her with each thrust.

She turned around to face me.

"This will make things more interesting around here," Rachelle said as she gathered up her clothes. Teen solo webcam tube.

I began to get my clothes together.

"I still don't know how big they are," I said as she put on her bra.

"Well, tomorrow when you take my bra off, to put your dick between them.


You can look for yourself," she said as she winked at me and headed for the door. Cam2cam sex chatrooms umsonst anonym.

I smiled and joined her.

No one was the wiser of what happened.

I began to think things would work out after all.

"Hey, Ray," Luis said.

"Look who is here.

" I turned to look.

My face dropped as I saw her.

Rachelle was next to me.

"We need to talk, both of you!" Monica said. List of sexy teen pornstars.

Emily was sitting bedside.

Terry, her father, was asleep in his hospital bed.

He was having complications after hip replacement surgery.

She slipped off her Tory Burch heels and stretched her legs.


The chairs here were uncomfortable and she was stiff from sitting all day behind her desk. Sport sex xxx.

Emily was one of the hospital's top administrators.

"You'd think I would get a better chair," she thought.

She got up, her hips moving smoothly in her pencil skirt, and bent down to stretch her hamstrings.

Still bent over she looked up to see the young orderly standing there. One_lovexxl webcam chat porn.

His muscular silhouette filling the doorway.

She smiled sheepishly and hoped she wasn't blushing, but she knew she was a little.

Emily knew he got a nice look down her blouse.

"I'm just going to grab your dad's dinner tray," he said with a smile that showed off his perfect white teeth.

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She took note of his strong forearms.

Her phone beeped, it was an e-mail from Jonathan, her husband of fifteen years, who was in China on business.

He was sending a good night message.

She glanced at it as she ran her hands through her blonde hair with a wisp of grey. Porno gf.

Even in her mid-forties though there wasn't much of it.

"Thanks James," she said.

She had felt his gaze linger a bit longer ever since her first visit.

He stood on the other side of the bed.

His tall frame towered over her.

Even in loose scrubs you could tell he was in top shape.

"No problem, ma'am.

" "Please, call me Emily, it's late and I'm tired of the formality," she said.

"I'm just stretching, my legs are so tight.

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I think it's just going too hard on the tread mill.

" "Let me help you stretch them out.

Have a seat.

" He walked around the bed and stood in front of her smiling.

She sat down and before she could say any thing he took her leg in is strong hands and began pushing her foot back.

"Ah that's painful, but feels better," she said. Hot sexy blonde sex.

He just stared into her blue eyes.

He moved on to her other leg, never breaking her gaze.

"You've got to be careful and make sure you stretch after you warm up," he said.

"How's the flexibility in your hips? She was enjoying his rough hands on her legs, and started to feel guilty.