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Lizzie took a breath remembering the scene in her mind and continued I shouted out, right if you don’t want to go to bed you can go across my lap, so get your trousers down.

Well, Billy took his down straight away, well after the usual groans and pleading which he knows never gets him anywhere other than a harder spanking. 8summerrainz8 google image porno.

Well, Ryan looked at him, then at me, and followed.

I few moments later they were both butt bare below the waist and had their hands on their head.

I looked at both boys and thought I better deal with Ryan first.

It was my favourite vase after all.

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With Billy watching? Threesome sex torrent. Sure, I always prefer someone to watch.

A bit of humiliation does the boys good you know.

Anyway, Ryan went over my lap and a few minutes later he was squirming and kicking and his bottom was red.

I used the hairbrush this time and I know he felt the difference. Watch jav free online sex.

I turned his bottom a beautiful deep red and he was even though he squirming around on my lap like crazy he didn’t try to get up.

When he stood up and watched me spank Billy his eyes were gushing out water like you wouldn’t believe, huge sobs, loud sniffs, you know.

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Audrey was now hanging on to every one of her sister’s words, picturing her 16-year-old son across her lap having his bottom turned red and standing their watching his cousin being spanked still sobbing and his face wet with his own tears.

Lizzie continued Another time the boy next door and his Mum were over. I_lovesex online free live cam.

The three boys were a nightmare and before we knew it we said all three were going to be spanked.

By just the two Mum’s? Audrey asked.

Well no, they have an au pair next door, Carla, a 20 year old who looked like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.

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She spanked Ryan which wasn’t all that fair as she spanks harder than us two Mum’s Lizzie said laughing. Skype chat online for sex chat.

Mind you Ryan was quite smitten by her.

I bet he was Audrey said Yes, well, anyway we had all three lined up facing the wall with their hands on their heads and their trousers and pants around their ankles whilst Carla came across.

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