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We have the same bra size but on her smaller frame, her tits look bigger than mine.

Brian is at 6’2 is just a little taller than my Steve and he is also in good shape.

With Lauren and I being best friends, we were thrilled when Brian and Steve developed a good friendship. Tamanna heroine sex photos.

They worked out together, played golf and just hung out when Lauren and I did our girl stuff.

With friends that are as close as the four of us, flirting comes naturally.

Steve was never shy about the fact that he thought Lauren was hot.

Being the outgoing one, Lauren was always happy to play along if not encourage him. Gay hentai anime sex.

I am little shyer.

Brian would flirt with me when Steve started in on Lauren but I was usually too embarrassed to flirt back.

Free meet and fuck phone chat lines in cincinnati. Lauren

This past New Year’s Eve things went a little further than we all expected.

We were at their house having a stay-in party.

Not having to drive we all were getting rather drunk. Sexy milf free pics.

At midnight, the bells rang and we all cheered.

We kissed our own spouses then Lauren said it was time to kiss each other’s, spouse.

Brian gave me the typical New Year’s Eve kiss while Steve did the same with Lauren.

That’s not going to cut it, Steve, I want a real kiss and Brian’s going to give Jenni the same. Frre local gay sex.

Brian and I looked on while Steven and Lauren locked lips.

Brian looked at me holding his arms open.

The alcohol lowered my resistance helping me fall into his arms.

Our lips met like just a few moments before but this time Brian’s tongue pushed into my mouth.

Free meet and fuck phone chat lines in cincinnati. Lauren
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We kissed for several minutes when I felt his hand sliding under my shirt.

I thought to myself that I should stop him.

I allowed myself to think it was the alcohol, but in reality, I wanted him to feel my tits.

Brian’s hands were squeezing my tits when I felt a tap on my shoulder. Sex in ancient greece.

Jenn, I hate to interrupt my husband playing with your tit but I need him to fuck me.

I’m so horny right now I might burst.

I think you’re going to find your husband is hard and horny too.

You guys can use the guest bedroom and don’t worry about making a mess, Lauren said grabbing Brian pulling him into their bedroom. Fuck you ani difranco.

Steve and I made our way to the guest bed ripping our clothes off.

Free meet and fuck phone chat lines in cincinnati. Lauren

Lauren was right Steve was hard and about to burst.

We fucked hard with Steve blowing a huge load inside me.

We both were so turned on we fucked two more times.

Lauren and I have talked about that night many times about how turned on we got and how great it felt. Keiran lee sex.

Lauren kept teasing that she wanted to repeat that night.

That brings us to this week.

Steve’s work was sending him on a trip to the west coast on Wednesday, allowing him to take his spouse and staying over the weekend all paid by the company.

I had planned on taking off from work to go. Free adult sex hookup no sign up.

The same week that Brian was being sent to a conference on Friday allowing him to take his spouse for the weekend all expenses paid.

Free meet and fuck phone chat lines in cincinnati. Lauren

The problem came up when my job scheduled an important meeting I couldn’t miss for Thursday.

I called Lauren bitching about it before I told Steve. Fuck bloomington new york woman tonight.

Don’t tell him yet, I will be there in five.

I have an idea, Lauren said hanging up quickly.

True to her word she was at my door in five minutes.

I have a solution.

Our husbands are going out of town on paid trips where they can take their spouses.

You can’t leave till Thursday and my husband isn’t leaving till Thursday. Xkendrahot69 jambar porno.

Let’s trade, I will be your husband’s spouse and you be mine.

No one will know and we can have fun that is paid for by their companies.

What kind of fun are you talking about Lauren?

Free meet and fuck phone chat lines in cincinnati. Lauren
I asked figuring she was wanting to continue what happened on New Year’s Eve. Free online porn sex games.

Come on Jenni, I know you are as curious as I am to try to play.

What a better opportunity than a weekend away.

I’m not talking about intercourse but nothing wrong with some kissing and rubbing.

I would hate to waste a paid trip.

Damn Lauren, I don’t know about this. Ebony webcam girls.

Yes, I got excited and a little curious kissing your husband but for an entire weekend? I’m going to call Brian and tell him to meet us here.

We are going to order dinner and discuss it.

Wait, I didn’t say yes, I said protesting.

You didn’t say no, so that’s a yes. Online live sex aunty chat video.

Brian showed up right after Steve then the pizza arrived.

Free meet and fuck phone chat lines in cincinnati. Lauren

Sitting at the table eating the pizza Steve spoke up.

Okay, what’s going on? I scooted up to the table, I can’t go on your trip, work scheduled a meeting Thursday that I have to be at.

Damn, but it’s all paid for, Steve said. Latin amateur teen couple desert rose aka teens porno.

Lauren has an idea to solve the problem, Lauren? Lauren took a deep breath, Brian has his trip this weekend but I can get off on Wednesday.

What I’m suggesting is we swap places.

She said using the word intentionally.

I will go with Steve and play his wife. Wife fucked at gloryhole.

While Jenni can leave Thursday night with Brian and play his wife.

Steve spoke up, When you say you’re going to play my wife Lauren, what does that entail?

Free meet and fuck phone chat lines in cincinnati. Lauren
Easy big boy, we are not talking a swap like that, no sex, I said.

But we can have fun short of intercourse, right Jenni? Sexy adult cleopatra costume. Lauren jumped in.

I just nodded as we all looked at each other in silence.

Brian finally spoke up, I think that’s a good solution.

We were driving but can you change the tickets to Lauren’s name Steve? That shouldn’t be a problem, changing the date of the flights would be, Steve said. Looking for sex you host park west norman.

So, it is settled, you are going to be my husband’s wife for the weekend and I will go with your husband being his wife for the weekend, Lauren said to me.

We are agreed on how far we are going to go right? That was how we got her and it one day I would be sending my husband off on vacation with my best friend.

Free meet and fuck phone chat lines in cincinnati. Lauren
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The next day I would get in a car to spend the weekend in a hotel room with my best friend’s husband.

Free meet and fuck phone chat lines in cincinnati.