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She looked me in the eye, too, and gave me a gasping, desperate little smile before she grimaced and came again.

There was no need for oil.

Millie was glistening with sweat from head to toe, and pussy-juice was running down her bare, fat legs all the way to her pretty bare feet. Freechat fuck lady at windsor ontario.

The sweet, funky scent of her hot, fat cunthole was coming from the stage in waves, and grew stronger every time she came.

She posed and wiggled and swung and shook her tits, up on the stage so fat and cute and stark naked--as pale and smooth as milk and as bare and gleaming as a dick about to fuck her.

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There were at least five hundred dicks in that room that longed to do just that, but only one would get to--and that one was mine.

I felt like God, or a King showing off his slave girl to taunt the masses.

Millie grabbed the pole and crouched and did something I'd never seen before; she began to shudder, deliberately, making her whole fat white body quiver and jiggle outrageously from her bare feet to her pixie-cut short hair. Asin sex cam.

She rippled and shook all over, and she slowly circled the pole so everyone could see from every angle.

Millie began to do deep-knee bends, still making herself shudder and shake, showing off her quivering fat pussy and her jiggling, wide-open, fleshy thighs.

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She rocked her fat hips back and forth, and bounced heavily on her heels, still showing every ounce of her luscious fat in quivering, rippling motion.

Her enormous tits were waggling liquidly, four gallons of sweet white milkshake being shaken to a froth, her fat pink faucets vibrating at their tips. Nikinfiniti animal sex with out accont.

She turned around, leaned back, and held the pole above her head and behind her; then she half-squatted and did a perfect impression of being fucked.

She jerked herself an inch or two upward with the repeated, imaginary impacts of a pounding, plunging cock, tits shaking with the force of them, eyes closed and mouthing "Fuck me.

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" as she pretended to be hammered by my driving, sliding dick.

Every man there saw what I saw when I gave her what she wanted.

She hunched and fucked her heavy hips, crouching lower and spreading her fat bare legs for it, still shaking rhythmically with the imaginary fucking. Chat sex korean.

The crowd loved it, and when she shivered and jerked in a real, pussy-dripping orgasm again, you could have sworn there was an invisible man shooting in her hole as she hunched back at him and came.

She squatted then, bare pussy gaping and drooling, and scooped up three fingers full of her juices and slurped it up, sucking her fingers while looking out shyly at the crowd.

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They cheered themselves hoarse.

She wasn't done.

I nodded to her and jerked my head toward backstage, and she shivered and ran, naked and jiggling, up the runway and disappeared backstage.

There were groans of disappointment, though I feel sure every man there felt he'd gotten his money's worth; I doubt there was a dry pair of shorts in the place. Live no sighnup sex cam.

But before anyone could leave his seat, a spotlight speared the darkened club and lit up the side of the stage where Millie had disappeared.

Every eye was focused there--and then Millie came back out.

There were cheers and whoops and whistles, and once again Millie's cute, round baby face held an expression of embarrassment, arousal, and fear.

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She was still barefoot and stark naked--and she was walking awkwardly, bare feet wide apart, knees bent-- Millie was pumping an enormous dildo in and out of her fat, shaved, thrust-forward and exposed and spotlit pussy.

That kind of public insertion show was illegal, I knew, but everyone who would arrest her was in the room watching--and rubbing their cocks through their pants. Amj b webcam show.

Besides, anyone who tried to stop the show would have instantly been torn limb from limb by the crowd.

Millie worked her way out onto the runway again, sliding that huge rubber cock in and out of her fat, shaved hole in front of the staring crowd--but that wasn't lewd and humiliating enough.

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She had two heavy cowbells tied to her swollen nipples for extra stimulation, and her huge tits were pulled into long, fat, tapering rocket shapes, her nipples stretched.

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