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Both gasped and pulled at their cuffs but recovered quickly and prepared themselves for the second stroke.

Moments later, Dale threw her head back as the cane landed for the second stroke and she gasped with her eyes shut.

She did open her eyes after just a few moments and saw that Mary had a pained look on her face and assumed she had one on her own face as well. Any sexy mature women looking.

Moments later Dale saw the young Officer Frome bring her arm down and heard the cane thwack on Mary’s bottom as the third stroke landed and Dale saw the change that took place on Mary’s face clearly showing how she had felt the pain.

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Then, just a split second later, Dale cried out and again threw her head back as the third stroke hit her across her bottom. Sex skinny teacher milf.

The strokes continued, and after each one, both Dale and Mary let out louder and louder gasps of pain.

They both lost count of the strokes, and also didn’t realise that their gasps of pain soon turned into a loud, ‘Ow,’ and those pained noises got louder and longer as the strokes continued. Yohana18 desi girl live sex chat.

Both knew the caning was far harder than the caning they had got from Lucy and Emma and doubted they would be going to the toilets afterwards to finger themselves to orgasm as they as had then.

Enormous boobs webcam. Dale

Mary continued to let out louder and louder yelps after each stroke, but also looked towards Dale and was horrified to see the look of pain right across her face. Guantamera porno.

It was somehow so much worse being caned at the same time, as well as having to face each other and see the look of pain, but she could also see Officer Thompson standing behind Dale and raising the cane and bringing it down so sharply.

Mary knew that the same was happening with Officer Frome standing behind her. Girl fuck big dildo.

How horrid, they both thought, that they had both expected just twelve strokes to be erotic but this caning was far more pain-filled to allow their pussies to get damp.

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Still unsure how many more strokes they had left to take, Dale cried out once more as the pain became almost too much to bear. Sexy plus size cleopatra costume.

She realised that the caning was far more intense than the one she had received at college but supposed that even though these policewomen were trainees, they would’ve been specifically trained to cane offenders.

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