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A rather simple spell that she had performed variants of countless times; so adept at this rite she finished in minutes.

Finally, it was time to do the third and most important spell; one that would take a little longer than the first two. The young witch prepared all but two the elements placing them in a bowl, thoroughly mixing them together. Boob clip hot sexy. One element she laid aside, the catalyst that would later start the spell and the other final element she would have to make.

Christina retrieved a velvet drawstring bag from the box she had originally carried all her paraphernalia in, opened it and pulled out a vibrator. Desi live sexchat.

Lying down on the dirt floor of the barn she went to work on her clit, stimulating it with her toy.

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She began to squeeze her breast roughly then moving her experienced fingers to a nipple twisting it and pulling it. Determined, she molested herself so as to achieve climax as quickly as possible knowing that the faster her spells were completed the sooner that her desires would be satisfied; satisfied by something more than a mechanical device. Sexy black girls naked south africa.

Within moments, she felt the orgasm approaching. She arose from lying on the dirt floor to a kneeling position, the bowl with the rest of the ingredients just inches from her knees.

She shuddered and bent her head backward moaning, "Oh ffuuuccckkkk!"

She began to cum. Sex buddies orlando. Feverishly the young witch continued to stimulate her clit and labia minora until she could feel cum running out her opening.

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Quickly she carelessly threw the vibrator aside, grabbed the bowl and held it under her dripping puss. She had obtained the final necessary element; the cum of a virgin. Video online vidio porno.

Still shuddering as the afterglow of the orgasm continued to send little electric trickles through her, she placed the bowl an arm's length in front of her, grabbed the catalyst she had laid aside, screamed the prerequisite chant at the top of her lungs and threw it in the bowl. Watch sexy pornstars porn trailer.

The elements swirled together magically in the bowl, circling the bottom and going faster and faster. Suddenly the mixture glowed brightly and exploded in a cloud of smoke.

Startled, Christina jumped back landing on her butt, her knees in the air and hands behind her holding her upright in a sitting position, her still swollen pussy dripping cum into the dirt.

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The wind from the storm raging outside blew the smoke away revealing a naked figure laying just an arm's length from the witch's feet.

Christina looked at him and licked her lips, knowing her hunger would soon be satisfied. All of his muscles from his neck and shoulders, his large biceps, his chiseled abs, to his thighs and calves, all these were well defined. Webcam indon sex.

His strong chest was free of hair while his arms had just the amount that turned Christina on.

The hair on his head and face appeared as if he had just come from a barber.

On his head, the style was a high fade with thick textured spiky hair while on his face a short patchy beard looked as if it had just been trimmed.

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Sexy petite ebony teen. But his crowning glory was his cock.

Still sitting there on her naked butt, hands on the ground behind her, knees high in the air and her legs spread wide; Christina couldn't help but gawk at his penis, in its current flaccid state, she estimated it to be at least seven inches long.

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