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I started to rub on Derek’s cock, it pressed hard against the cotton of his boxers.

He then took his boxers off and lay back on his bed.

My eyes stared at his genitals absorbing ever detail, it was the first penis I had seen up close, it was about eighteen centimeters long, it was thick and his head had been circumcised. Webcam stockings porn.

His balls where small probably because of his erection and they where covered in brown pubes, I moved my self between his legs and lay on my stomach.

I grabbed his cock with my right hand and started to stoke it.

His penis had a strong smell, it smelled of precum and man.

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My heart was racing I couldn’t believe what I was doing; I felt a rush through my body.

Precum started to drip out his head, so I moved my hand up and rubbed it over his head and the rest of his cock.

Derek leaned up and held me by the back of my head and push it down gently, I took the hint and made my way down closer. Torysweets tamil girls sex video.

I then open my mouth and took him in, first his head then a bit of his shaft.

I started to stroke his cock with my lips and massage his head with my moist tongue and palate; I tried to use a lot of spit to lubricate his cock.

He then pushed my head down I went a little more then half way down and I gagged and had to come up ,my tongue rolled over his head ,while my hand jacked him off.

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I looked up to look at Derek’s face, he looked like he was enjoying himself but I soon noticed he was looking over at Casey.

I had forgotten she was in the same room suddenly I was very turned on, I then turned my gaze and saw that Casey was looking at us through the reflection of the computer screen and that what Derek had been looking at. Married monaco phone sex.

I did not feel angry it just got me hotter.

I worked his cock in my mouth playing around with it for I don’t know how long until he then let out a moan and his body started to jerk, warm cum came rushing into my mouth, I tried to swallow as much of it as I could, it tasted salty but bearable.

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I couldn’t swallow any more and had to come up for air, he continued to cum on his chest and balls.

Derek got up and rushed to the bathroom to clean him self up.

Almost instantly Casey swung around the chair with a big grin on her face, you slut! She said with an evil grin on her face, she came over to the bed and sat next to me.

"So how was it? Sexy picture sexy sexy sexy. She asked.

"Um I don’t know I am still in shock, I can’t believe I just did that, I replied.

"Hmm I wonder how Derek taste likes, Casey said to her self out loud.

It then got really silent and suddenly she leaned over and kissed me.

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I didn’t know what to do. Chatsexi.

I just took it and kissed her back.

Her tongue ravaged my mouth.

She broke off the kiss and then muttered the words "taste good.

Just then Derek walked back into the room his cock dangling between his legs, Casey and I both turned to look at him.

He blushed and ran out the room. Sexgirle free.

Casey and I turned to look at each other and we both just started laughing.

Dipping her head, she pressed her tongue against the base of his encased cock and rasped slowly along the shaft.

She circled the tip then sucked greedily as if devouring a favourite sticky lolly. Freyasex malay sex online cam.

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Lifting her chin, she flicked her tongue over full red lips, then dived again.

Her raven curls tumbled over tanned, bare shoulders and buxom breasts knocked together while she licked and slurped.

Pausing, she caressed the silky mesh stretched taut across his thickened shaft then doodled circles, watching his cock twitch inside the black nylon. Livejasmin sex show.

The musky aroma of pre-cum teased her nostrils, mixing with the tang of sweat and zest of the cinnamon spice candles flickering on the nightstand.

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