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Once again, he kisses and rubs me from bottom to top. The longer he goes, the more I'm aroused. My heart is pounding, my breathing rate increases and my stomach is in turmoil.

It's quiet, and I hear clothes falling to the floor. "What are you doing?"

I’m preparing to give you exquisite pleasure, but it’s going to take some time. "

I feel him crawl onto the bed and lay on top of me. Naked in a sex swing. For the first time, I feel his hairy chest being rubbed back and forth over my back, and his cock press into my ass crack before being wiped from side to side. His chest hair tickles me, but his cock excites me. What is he going to do? When is he going to do something besides tease and arouse me?

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Hairy twerking lick cock and fuck.

Slowly, he slides down my spread-eagled form. It’s feel good and is exciting. Finally, his hairy chest moves toward my feet, but he stops with his chest at my knees.

He blows his breath onto my ass, my ass crack, anus, and my pussy.

I struggle against the restraints; wiggle and raise my hips at the wind blowing against my most sensitive physical parts. Top ten anal sex.

He continues to blow.

I try to get away from the pleasure that is taunting me. I can tell Max's mouth is getting closer, closer, and closer because the gusts are more and more localized. First, on each cheek, second, the crack, third, on my sphincter and last my pussy. Cam sex charting.

He stops.

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I relax. I wait for what seems an eternity. I jump when something licks my anus. It’s disgusting, it’s wonderful, I tighten my asshole to seal myself away from the repulsive pleasure.

Max’s tongue circles my rectum. Stop, stop, stop! I yell. Telugu web cam sexchat.

His tongue trails from my anus to the edge of my cunt.

I shiver. I quake, I can't wait. I feel Max shift his position. I try to close myself.

He pushes his tongue into my opening.

I squirm with pleasure.

His tongue goes deeper and deeper.

I've never had a tongue that far in me before. Live sexfree.

It swirls in a circle.

I cry, Yeees!

It swirls in the other direction.

I moan, Oooooh!

It slips out of me.

I feel joy then empty.

Why is he waiting?

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I wonder.

A broad, smooth tongue licks up and down my slit over and over,

I lift my hips wanting to get closer to him, his tongue. Krivoskow15 sex chat men.

He persists licking me lightly.

I revel in pleasure and desire.

His tongue touches my engorged clit.

I whimper in exquisite joy.

He licks circles my sweet spot, from bottom to top, and from side to side.

I rise onto my shoulders, but before I can scream, he sucks my clit into his mouth and squeezes. Sexy webcam arab videos. I go ballistic moving in all directions at the same time as I climax with a screech, Aaaaaugh, meeeen, aaaaaugh, meeeen!

He holds my clit in his mouth as I bounce up and down and from side to side and groaning the entire time.

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I come time and time again until I swoon from the tidal wave of pleasure that washes over and through me. Labella___ live sex web came.

Sometime later I wake. I feel the head of a cock at my entrance. It moves it up and down my slit with ease due to all of my lubrication.

The feeling is stirring as the long, hard shaft stimulates my sexual core.

"Do you like that, darling?" Max asks.

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