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I got to, Hi Clai…,before I realized that there was no-one at the other end for me to talk to.

Instead, what I saw in the screen was a close-up of a pair of muscular black thighs pumping back and forth behind a shapely white behind and back. Women dildo fuck.

This image filled the screen for several long moments, before the holder turned the screen to his face and I saw Jason’s smiling face as he said nothing but just held his thumb up to tell me how much he was enjoying doing my wife. Sexy girl video chat.

As the grinning African American winked at me and turned the camera back towards Claire, I was pretty sure that she was unaware of the call.

She was leaning forward over the end of Jason’s bed, supporting her weight with her arms and moaning loudly, as her big breasts swung in time with Jason’s deep thrusts and she told him over and over again how good it was and how deep he was. 888mila888 kostenloser teen videosex chat.

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I thought to myself that Jason was a total bastard for letting me suffer in this way. Sexual attraction video.

But the bastard took things to a new level as he placed the camera down and started squeezing and playing with Claire’s big boobs as he trash talked in a way designed to belittle me.

Come on Claire, is that good baby?Oooh yes, yes, Jason honey, it’s wonderful, You’re so deep in me, it feels wonderful …So are you and Neil going to come back and get some more of this black lovin’ baby?Oh yes, yes baby, Yes …What if Neil doesn’t want to let you come back for more of my big black dick?Don’t worry lover, Neil loves me, He wants what I want baby.

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OKAY Claire baby, Tell me again, Tell me who’s pussy this is now, tell me owns your pussy now, Claire baby!You do baby, You own it lover.

Damn right I do Claire, Damn right I do, And tell me why I own it, baby!Because you fuck me so good, Jason honey, because you fuck me so good. Xvideos busty webcam.

Best ever, baby?Yes lover, best ever!Better than your sweet husband, Claire?Yes Jason baby, better than Neil, better than my hubby.

And that’s why I own your married white pussy, baby?Yes lover, Yes, baby.

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And with that, Jason turned the camera back to himself, and with a repeat of the thumbs-up and wink he closed the call.

So much for my much rehearsed call to Claire.

The call had meant to comfort me and re-connect me with my wife. Ema watson nude sex shower.

Instead, it had just poured petrol on what was already a raging inferno.

My tears started again as Claire’s words, telling Jason he owned her pussy as he fucked her so good ricocheted around my brain in a way that was beyond pain. Gay thai suck fuck.


Jason was a fucking bastard for tormenting me in this way.

I finally had the call I wanted with Claire about thirty minutes later that Friday morning, when I saw my phone screen light up with the text ‘Claire’.

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