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She’s got a talented tongue.

No wonder you like playing with her so much.

I think I’ll have to take advantage of her more often.

Maybe next time I’ll let tie you to a chair and let you watch.

How would you like that?" I moaned softly, the image of the two of them together delicious.

"I’d love that, Kay. Redhead cheerleader gets fucked video.

You know I would.

" "You are such a slut, baby.

I love that about you.

" I could hear the love in her voice, a mixture of affection and lust and something deeper, something that filled me with heat and the kind of joy I thought I’d never know, once upon a time.

"Your turn, now.

" There was a pause. Online video sex watch.

I guess they were deciding on what came next.


While I waited, I began to wonder about what was going on in the room.

I recalled the people we’d moved through earlier.

Were any of them watching our perverted little game? My cunt was on display, after all, for anyone to see. Alice88888 webcam model privat zapisi.

I hoped that at least someone was enjoying the show, getting a good look at the naked kitty girl and her two lovers.

Maybe even filming us.

The thought terrified me, and yet, I began to dwell on it, wondering what it would be like to have someone replaying our little game on their TV, jacking off as Cindy drove me to the edge of desire and held me there, begging and pleading with her to make me cum? Webcamlivesex free. I got so lost in my little fantasy that I jerked suddenly at an unexpected touch.


Fingers stroked my tits, teasing my nipples playfully, massaging my tits.

I couldn’t tell if it was one or both of them, until I felt someone settle next to my out stretched arms, stroking my arms, then lifting my fingers, sucking them slowly into their moist mouth. Free sex chat numbers in phoenix.

I let out a soft moan of sheer pleasure at that, not even trying to decipher who was doing what until I felt hands massaging my calf and tender kisses brushing over the top of my foot.

Three pair of hands… "Kay?" I whispered in a sudden panic, thinking some stranger had managed to escape her notice as was even now pawing at me, unnoticed.

"It’s ok, baby. Sister fucked with torn condom.

I recruited another playmate earlier.


Just relax and enjoy it.

" She cooed, reassuring me that at least she was aware that there was a third party involved.

I couldn’t tell if the newcomer was the one kissing my feet or my fingers, although I could guess by the way the hands on my breasts paused, they belonged to Kay. Sex bez registracie video.

Doing my best to still my fear, I concentrated on her hands, arching my back as she gently pulled at my hard nipples, teasing them upwards, her lips eventually replacing her fingers.

I began to write and moan as she devoured my perky pink nub with her mouth. Live webcam valletta malta.

It would have been bad enough if it had only been that.

While she was making love to my tits, the hands upon my calf rose, as did the lips.


I was fairly confident that is was a woman’s kisses, I was feeling, so either it was Cindy, or the stranger was another girl. Vicats sex gettube.

I kind of hoped that later, to be honest.

It had been a while since I’d been overly comfortable with men, especially strangers.

That said, the vivid image of a stranger’s cock pressing against my lips, pushing its way between my lips while I was lay helpless, took root in my imagination and wouldn’t leave me alone. Alexa-alexxx ponstar cyber sex.

I knew, if it did happen, I would do my best suck him off until he blew hot cum down my throat.

Just the thought of it had me shaking with lust and I found myself wishing that some guy was preparing to do just that.

"Question time, baby.


Who is about to eat out that your hot little cunt?" "No fair!" I’d meant to whisper the words, but instead, they came out with a gasp as I felt my legs being pushed apart while warm, wet kisses teased the insides of my thighs. Hidden cam hairy mature porno.

Unable to control myself, I fought with whomever held my wrists, wanting only to grab my assailant by the hair and pull her against my cunt, holding her hostage while she fucked me with her tongue.

"No one said this was going to be fair.

Give me an answer, or you get it wrong by default.

" "Cindy!" It was the only choice I had, and Kay knew it.

"Wrong again, Kitty.

" Her chuckle was pure evil, and I knew she was enjoying her game, and that she intended to win.

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One thing about Kay, she was very competitive, and wasn’t fond of losing.

"Her name is Jenny, and she’s been very eager to meet you ever since she saw you acting like the perfect slut upstairs.

She said this time, she wanted to be the one to make you cum.

" I felt Kay’s lips brushing against mine. Karina kapoor ka sex.

Lifting my head, I tried to take advantage of that, and return her kisses, but she was out of reach before I had the chance, leaving soft laughter in her wake.

"Of course, I might not let you cum at all, Kitty and let her pleasure me instead.

Depends how well you score. Blowjob titfuck.

So far, you are two for four.

If I were you, I’d start taking this a little more seriously.

" Easy for her to say.


She wasn’t being ravished by three hot girls, all seemingly skilled with their hands and mouths.

Blindfolded, and being pushed slowly towards ecstasy, I was having trouble remembering my own name let alone theirs, as Kay resumed her place at my breast, Cindy mirroring her, abandoning my cunt to a woman I couldn’t even remember seeing earlier. Lesbian feet fuck.

I knew I’d died and gone to heaven, or maybe hell, not that it made much of a difference to me as Jenny discovered my distended clit.

I sucked in my breath as she wrapped her lips around it, and began to suck it delicately while, at the same time, zealous fingers stroked my swollen lips.

"Oh, fuck…" I managed, ending the my words with a soft squeal, squeezing my legs together, trapping her against my cunt, doing my best to grind it against her even as she pushed her tongue into me.

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