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Just a sec! A second is all it had taken Susan to decide to leave him.

The second that he had asked from her.

Susan now helplessly saw the scene play itself out in her mind again, as she brought out a personal hard drive, the contents of which she had carefully curated over the course of the years since her divorce. Bikini parties sex.

So needless! Why did she have to think back to the day she had left her husband, again?

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She packed the thought to some back room in her mind and from the hard drive hand-picked a set of ten videos and copied them onto a pen drive. Nude fucking in bathroom.

The following night, after his shower, James entered his room to find an unrecognised pen drive on his computer desk.

Still wearing only the towel round his waist, he sat down and plugged it in.

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It had started with James leaving the common door open in the middle of the night. Kykla19 chat random porno.

That first night, Susan forced herself to believe that it was merely another mistake, even though for a number of years now the door connecting the two adjacent bedrooms had been kept shut.

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