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Adrian only moaned in anticipation as he held his wife’s gaze burning with an inner fire he had never seen before.

It was then that he noticed Elizabeth had suddenly disappeared.

She returned with the crystal flask, magically refilled with oil, climbed onto the sofa again and bent across Amber’s back, her arm resting along her waist. Live sex cam chat room.

Allow me to serve you, Mr.


She said quietly and opened up Amber’s ass with one hand and poured a copious amount of oil down the crack.

The feeling of the warm oil cascading over his cock as he continued to stroke slowly in and out of Amber’s pussy made him moan again.

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Elizabeth put a hand on his stomach to stop his movement, which caused Amber to whimper and try to push back.

She didn’t want to lose him, but a different track for her pleasure was already being set in motion.

Elizabeth pushed again until the two separated, and she reached to take Adrian’s very stiff member in her hand. Ohmibod webcam com.

Using the leftover oil, she encircled his shaft with her fingers and covered his penis until it was glistening like some tiny Sumo wrestler.

She pulled on him, bringing him closer to her hole.

Her thumb had found it’s way into Amber’s tight love tunnel, and she had pressed until it had completely disappeared within her puckered asshole.

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She began to swirl it around and around, widening, until there was total free movement all around.

She brought Adrian’s cock to the hole, quickly removed her thumb and kept pulling until his bell end began to nestle within her.

As his rod stretched her hole, straining to gain entrance, Amber winced and tried to draw away. Hot sexy girl.

The combination of Cathie holding her head tight against her muff, Adrian moving his hips forward, and Elizabeth holding and jiggling Amber’s butt cheeks combined to let him enter.

He stayed motionless for a moment, letting her get used to him, and then caught his wife’s attention.

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Watch, my Darling, he panted loudly, Watch! Cathie stared, slack jawed as he slowly pushed forward.

The sight of her husband’s cock being gobbled up by Amber’s tiny, hungry, nether-mouth pushed her over the edge.

She cried out, never taking her eyes off the sight of Amber’s asshole widening to engulf Addie’s veined shaft. Faroe islands webcam girl.

It seemed to Amber to take forever until he stopped, his stomach flattened against her backside.

She had never felt so… so stuffed.

She was filled to bursting, and it started her wanting to feel the friction of a good, hard fucking.


Cathie had loosened her hold on Amber’s head and allowed her to look back at her boss. Mature sexy chat.

Cathie let her hands fall to the cushioned back and gripped it tight as she gave in to the throes of her intense orgasm.

Elizabeth had filled the space by furiously rubbing her clit like she was trying to start a fire.

She HAD, in fact ignited an explosion of brain-numbing electric shocks that shot through Cathie’s body like old time teletype impulses. Sex chat room wap.

Elizabeth quickly jammed two fingers into her and massaged her clit with her thumb.

Cathie almost fell over the back as her body convulsed in tremors.


She finally began to subside, but Elizabeth kept her fingers firmly inside of her as her juices flowed out of her pussy and ran across Elizabeth’s hands and soaked the sofa cushions. Linda lovelace anal sex.

Cathie slowly collapsed down onto the sofa seat, still having small twitches of aftershocks.

She was panting as if she had just run a half-mile sprint.

After Amber became used to his dick intruding into her backside, she pulled forward until just his cockhead was buried, but before he slipped out, she pushed forcefully backwards, sliding the length down his pole. Keralafree live video sex.

Elizabeth guided, so he did not leave her ass.


Adrian, sat still, on his knees on the cushions, his hands on his hips, eyes closed and his head thrown back, letting the feel of her tight, slippery hole slide back and forth on him.

Amber was fucking him hard, now, rocking back and forth like some kind of crazy pump gone mad. Sexblackbaby xxx aneml girls vido free.

She enjoyed the feeling of his member inside her ass, somehow, the tightness made her acutely aware of the intense feeling that fucking caused.

Adrian cried out, Oh… Amber! and took several quick gasps, I’m going… I’m going… She anticipated him and drove back hard against him feeling every inch plunge to her innermost being.

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I’m cumming, Amber… ohhhh, so good, so good, so good my girl.


She pushed again, her knees lifting from the cushions as she wanted him completely within her.

She could feel his cockhead swell, and then, as if bursting, the first shot of warm fluid filled her. Katie aselton sexy.

She was so overwhelmed by that feeling that she almost missed the first crashing wave of her own orgasm crashing down upon her senses, but as it overtook her, she gave in completely, and each jerk of Adrian’s hips sent another wave crashing on the shore of her mind. Porno video nicole.

She was sure she had cried out, but what she might have said was lost in the murmuring and hissing breath and mumbled sighs of ultimate release.


Adrian collapsed against Amber, who fell forward onto Cathie, who wrapped her arms around both of them.

The ever-faithful servant, Elizabeth, quietly got off the sofa, picked up her clothes, and dimmed the lights.

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