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After a few long sucks she rolled off him, her body a mess of his cum, her juices, and her saliva.

"I can't believe you ate your little sister out," she sighed.

"My pussy is still burning.

" She closed her eyes and wriggled whorishly, one hand smearing the bodily fluid even further across her tits and tight stomach. Sextrader east london.

He didn't know what to say.

"Well, night.

" She stood up suddenly, grabbed her shorts and started for the steps, her tits still out and still bottomless.

With her thin legs and thigh gap he could still see the mound of her pussy as she turned her tight ass to him to leave.

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He waited till she was gone and then let out a "Fuck," under his breath.

His legs were slick with his cum and his face had her pussy juices drying on it.

He couldn't believe this had happened, that he'd let it happen, or that his sister seemed to be an incredibly depraved twat. Tamil sex chat voice.

He waited several minutes to make sure that the house was completely silent.

He then stood, dressed, and rushed as quietly upstairs as he possibly could.

At the top of the steps to the second floor he stopped and ears straining, thought he could hear the wet squishy sounds of fingers working a pussy coming from behind his sister's bedroom door.

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He felt his cock starting to become rigid again but ignored it and went to his bedroom to toss and turn.

The next morning he woke up early despite not having been able to fall asleep till very late.

He lay in bed for over an hour alternately having his cock stiffen as he thought about his sister's eyes staring up at him in lust as she sucked it and limpen as terrified thoughts about what might happen to him now.

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