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Dirk too was mesmerized by Kara’s exposed legs and flashing panties.

He was sure this was not what Winston Grayson had in mind when he suggested that Kara shouldn't be conspicuous.

But so what? The music slowed and so did the flashing lights.

Dirk put his arms around Kara and held her close. Sexy katie.

Kara grinned and remarked, "I know you want the panties off too, but that hard thing in your pants seems pretty happy with the way I am.

" Uh, yeah, well.

Dirk's hands were on her back, but they dipped lower until they were once again, on the bare backs of her thighs. Online sex chat gay.

Then upward until they gripped her mostly bared ass-cheeks.

Bisexual female indianapolis. Kara

Kara whispered breathlessly, "Oh my god!" Their lips touched and she thrust her tongue into his mouth.

With his hands clutching Kara's ass, her tongue in his mouth, and her crotch grinding against him, Dirk’s cock was hard, nothing 'semi' about it. Jean grey sexy sketch.

Kara put one of her hands between them, took hold of it through his pants, pushed the lower part of her blouse away and rubbed it against the front of her panties.

Dirk took his mouth away from hers and said, "You keep that up and I'm going to cum right here.

" Just then the tempo of the music increased and the rapidly flashing lights returned.

Bisexual female indianapolis. Kara
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Kara whispered suggestively, "Our table does have a cloth covering it.

" They hurriedly straightened their clothes and rushed back to the booth.

At the table they sat much closer to each other than when they first arrived.

The candle flickered faintly and the cloth on the table hung down into their laps. Webcamsex 1to1 free.

Dirk reached under the table and put his hand on Kara's leg.

The blouse had ridden up as she slid into the booth.

With nothing to obstruct it, his hand slid upward to the top of her soft, bare, inner thigh, right next to her pussy.

He grazed the front of her panties with his little finger, then grasped the thin material and tugged it gently aside.

Bisexual female indianapolis. Kara
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As his fingers touched Kara's bare pussy lips, she let out a little gasp, then pretended as if nothing was happening.

Dirk's fingers slid along the slick surface of her outer lips.

Pressing upward Dirk brushed against her clit.

He rubbed it gently with a single finger. Chaturbate adult webcams.

It was just a small nub, but Dirk could tell by the look on Kara's face, that it was hyper-sensitive.

She breathed deeply, moving the air slowly in and out of her lungs, attempting to control her reaction, trying to keep from screaming.

Her eyes were shut and her tightly clenched fists pressed against the table.

Bisexual female indianapolis. Kara
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While still using his forefinger to massage her clit, Dirk inserted two fingers into her dripping pussy.

Kara quavered and dropped her head to the table.

Even with her face buried in her hands, Dirk could hear, "Oh god, Dirk, get me out of here.

I need to scream.

" While Dirk settled the check, Kara took her purse and wandered off as if in a trance, in search of the powder room. Mens hot sex.

When she returned, the waiter had been paid and was gone.

Her makeup had been freshened but she hadn't bothered to put the pants back on.

The blouse was once again fully buttoned, but still somewhat see-through.

Bisexual female indianapolis. Kara

Kara was wearing what some referred to as ‘fuck me’ pumps and her legs were bare. Kratosiklaski free sex chat online without id.

She looked like the main character in a wet-dream.

Dirk wasn’t sure he could wait until they got home but he was anxious to get out of the club.

The parking lot was dimly lit and deserted.

As he propelled her toward the car, Kara slowly undid the buttons on her blouse. Top sex positions in bed.

The panties were gone! She had removed them during her trip to the restroom.

When they got to the car, Kara looked around, making sure no one was nearby, then leaned her back against the car and opened the blouse.

Bisexual female indianapolis.