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I focused Dad with all the scorn I could muster and growled, My Stepmom’s a bitch, making sure to draw out the words.

She was, really.

I didn’t know what he saw in her.

Well, to be honest, I did know.

Lean legs, a perfect bum and those creamy white C-sized orbs on a body that could have belonged to an eighteen-year-old, all of which she flaunted at every opportunity, were hard to overlook. Porn teens anal homemade webcam.

Ever since Clare had strutted into our home on Dad’s hand half a year ago, she had behaved as if she owned the place, and we clashed regularly about that.

And while the topic of marriage had yet to come up, she even wanted me to call her ‘mommy’!

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She was only ten years my senior! Http sex video chat com. Don’t, dad’s infuriated voice shook me from my angry reverie, call her that.

If you can’t respect her, you’re free to move out.

You’re of age, so nothing’s stopping you! Now you either change your behavior, or I’ll help you pack your things.

Is this clear? Dating a woman who was sexually abused as a child. His face had turned crimson over his short tirade, and I had never seen him this enraged, not even when Jess and Millie had practically carried me into the house at three in the morning because I was too pissed to walk on my own.

My heart had started to beat madly, and the blood was rushing in my ears.

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I feared that I had gone too far.

Is this clear? he asked again with a cutting edge in his voice.

So I did the only thing I could.

I nodded, murmuring, Yes, dad.

I’m sorry.

He lifted his hands in a gesture of futility and sighed, clearly doubting my truthfulness. Play sexy adult games.

But then he shrugged.

I have to hurry to catch my plane.

His expression softened.

Listen, Princess, I know that the situation isn’t always easy.

Please try to be a bit understanding and to get on with Clare.

She really cares about you.

He hugged me and kissed me on the forehead. Xxasianbeauty free dirty phone sex.

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What could I do but nod and whisper, Okay.

I’ll try, Dad.

Have a safe trip.

Stay safe too.

And then he was gone, like so often, away for some obscure business in a foreign country for a whole week, and I was left to cope with his girlfriend.

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