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Allyson was finally all moved into her new house.

She really was enjoying all of her privacy and loved caring for her new home.

She had bought a lot of new furniture and assorted knickknacks for her new place.

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She was also loving being able to masturbate without worrying that people were listening to her.

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Although, in all honesty, she really got off a little, knowing that people could hear her in her old apartment.

She really was enjoying having her coffee out on the patio and doing all of this naked. Nice fit black girl porno.

She kind of was enjoying being a nudist.

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Although, she now had a large assortment they could all play with. Porno webcam little teen.

Allyson noticed a flashing light on her phone.

She listened to her messages and it was Shelly saying she had a surprise for later.

Allyson wondered what the surprise could be.

It was making her horny again.

Allyson went into her freezer and pulled out her glass vibrator. Hawaiianfree sexchat.

She really was masturbating more than ever.

She had anal sex with her friend who helped her move into her house recently, but hadn’t been with any other guys lately.

That’s why she had been playing with her toys a lot.

She went into her room and got comfortable on her bed. Sexy jennifer lopez nude.

She spread her long legs and rubbed the cold glass vibrator all over her pussy.

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The coldness felt amazing on her bald cunt.

She rubbed the ridges all over her pussy lips.

She pushed the toy straight up into her pussy.

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When she woke up, she ran a bath and soaked in the tub for a while.

Eventually, she got out and got herself dressed and put her make-up on.

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Shelly and the girls would be over soon.

Allyson turned on her stove and warmed up some of the appetizers she would be serving.

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