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She had not finished with me yet.

Come back over here and lie down on your back along the piano stool.

Jenny was standing at the end of the stool so I had to squeeze past, my cock brushing against her thigh, before I was able to sit on the edge and lay back leaving my 7 standing up rigid in the air. Free webcams from october 2019.

Jenny watched, intrigued, as Miss Edwards picked up the springy ruler with a glint in her eye and took aim.

Thwack, across the shaft, thwack, thwack and she aimed the next one on the underside of my cock, thwack.

Just two more if I could keep still.

Thwack, across the head and thwack right on the tip.

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I pulled back with tears in my eyes and it was over.

I began to get up.

Stay where you are, she instructed.

Jenny, get dressed.

I hope to see much improvement in your playing by next week.

As soon as Jenny was dressed she lead her out.

I heard the front door shut and waited, unsure what to do next. Xxx adults sexcom.

It seemed like ages before Miss Edwards returned, wearing a thin cotton robe and I noticed, bare feet.

I was still lying along the piano stool with my erection pointing skyward and she came over to look at me.

You don’t want a piano lesson, do you Jim? As I shook my head she undid the robe, let it drop, she was naked; she knelt down to slip a sheath over my cock then she stood directly in front of me and I took in her beauty, she was attractively slim, her skin was tanned, her breasts were fuller than Jenny’s but equally firm and her nipples were hard.

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My eyes continued south where I noted she was shaved and I could see every detail of her, a trickle of juice ran from her slit.

Without a word she stepped towards me with her legs either side of mine and lowered herself on to my aching cock.

It was the most wonderful sensation as my cock slid firmly into her. Webcams kira pornhub.

She took my hands and placed them on her breasts and then she began to slide up and down on my hard on.

She moved slowly at first, sensing my state and then rhythmically slid down on me and up again.

She began to groan, grinding into me, gradually moving quicker and quicker until I could hold it no more.

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With an explosion of cum I erupted inside the sheath.

She stayed there some time, moving on me, enjoying the moment before she slid off and pulled her robe back on.

I think that is all for this week, she said, get dressed and I’ll show you out.

With that she went out of the room and left me to get dressed. Eeo complaint on sexual harassment.

I had just pulled on my shoes as she returned, fully dressed and guided me to the front door.

I imagine that you will have done no more practice before next week so you can expect to receive the same treatment again.

You are a very naughty boy and I am going to keep going until you learn your lesson.

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She smiled and shut the door as I walked down the path wondering what on earth next week might bring.

It was the beginning of June and my younger sister Jennie was on her way home from college for the summer.

She had just finished her freshman year and I was excited to hear all about it. Amature oral sex pictures.

I had just finished my last year in college myself and hadn't talked to her in months due to school and work; Dad had called me earlier in the week to notify me about her arrival and that he and Mom unfortunately weren't going to be in town since they were visiting Mom's sister Rebecca in Florida.

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Normally I would have made up some excuse to not make the travel over to New Hampshire to stay with Jennie, but I figured I had nothing better to do this week.

And of course, Dad said he'd pay me to keep her company.

I wasn't going to oblige with that; I love money just as much as any other person in the world, and I didn't have a problem earning it as a bribe, either. Teen webcam live com.

Not that I wasn't excited to see my little sister.

I just didn't like the long drive from Connecticut, especially alone.

Every time I went to visit our parents in New Hampshire I always had this tiny feeling in my stomach I'd fall asleep at the wheel and die.

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But I had made it there safely this time and was laying on the couch when I heard the shuffling of the front door and a female voice calling out to me.

"Mark! I'm here!" I proceeded to lay there motionless, but managed to tell her hello.

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