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She wore a short-sleeved shirt, her skirt and tights, with black shoes.

Charlotte thought how attractive, so charismatic, and yes she most certainly fancied this older dominant woman, but was shaken from her thoughts when she commanded, Please remove your skirt Charlotte. Webcom chat sexgirl room com.

You won’t need it on for a while.

Charlotte flinched, but knew it had started.

She quickly undid the zip and allowed her skirt to fall to the floor.


Denver continued, I know the students have their knickers and underpants left up but I really do think that you need to be disciplined on your bare bottom so take your knickers off as well please. Redhead porn star sex.

Charlotte gasped but slipped her fingers inside the elastic waistband and pulled her knickers down and stepped out of them.

Adult sex personal usa. Charlotte

Charlotte was conscious of now standing next to Mrs.

Denver naked below her waist feeling so scared but also so excited.

She had never been caned before but had often thought about it, and here she was, about to have that yearning wish come true. Best webcam strip shows.

Bend over Charlotte, Mrs.

Denver snapped.

Yes Miss, Charlotte said.


Denver smiled as she looked at her secretary’s bare bottom staring up at her, unprotected.

She was very used to disciplining the girls and boys in the Academy.

This was going to be more fun though particularly as she found her secretary rather lovely. Sexy latina women in tights.

Hardly the disciplining of a naughty schoolgirl but actually caning an attractive young lady who has asked to be caned, and of course she knew the only caning worth giving this young lady was a hard one.

Adult sex personal usa. Charlotte


Denver walked over to the cupboard, opened the door, and took out a senior cane. C2c sex chatroom.

Charlotte stayed bent over, her bare bottom staring in to the room, but turned and watched the older woman walk across the room to fetch the cane, and still gasped when she saw it.

She had seen it before of course but all those other times she knew it was going to be used on someone else. Goodguycraz amateur webcam.

Not her.

Not like this time.


Denver ignored the gasp and the wide-open eyes.

Stay put, do you understand me? Yes Miss, Charlotte said weakly.

Suddenly she wasn’t looking forward to this as much as she thought she would.

She wanted to say something.

Object. Screw my sexy wife porn.

Say it was all a mistake but she reckoned Mrs.

Adult sex personal usa. Charlotte

Denver would have none of that anyway.

She knew she had made those spelling mistakes and it was sloppy so couldn’t argue anything at all.

So she just closed her eyes, bit her lip, took a deep stuttering breath, turned back and grabbed the seat of the chair even harder just as she had watched Robert do earlier. Vikki webcam.

A few seconds later and Mrs.

Denver was in position and tapped the cane a couple of times on Charlotte’s bare bottom.

She was looking forward to this bit.

When she caned the girls they kept their knickers on so she never saw the result of each stroke.

This will be different. Women wanting anal sex west midlands.

Very different.

This time she will see the red weal’s and know see why the wretched recipient is crying.

Adult sex personal usa. Charlotte


Denver tapped the secretary’s bottom again.

Right young lady.

The tariff is twelve strokes.

I will give you six, then a short break and then the final six. Milena tara porno.

Do not try to get up, because if you do that stroke will not count.

Understood? Yes Miss, Charlotte replied quietly and certainly in a very respectful tone thought Mrs.


Well she knew that every girl and boy in this position was always respectful of course. Sex text chat jobs from home for men and women.

Who would want to upset the Principal when she had a cane in her hand and was about to use it? She smiled at the very thought.

Then there was a different sensation.

She felt unusual between her legs.

At that moment she realised she was excited about this.

Adult sex personal usa. Charlotte
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Not at all like when about to cane one of the students.

No, this time, because Charlotte was an adult, and one she had secret feelings for, she felt, well, aroused.


She wanted to feel herself but knew that had better wait.

She pulled back the cane and with a whoosh snapped it back firmly against Charlotte’s bare bottom and heard the usual thwack, followed by a gasp and a grunt, saw Charlotte’s legs bend as she fought to hold on to the chair but she succeeded in doing so. Mature reluctantly fucked.

Then the red line appeared clearly across the 25 year olds bottom cheeks as she straightened her legs and prepared herself for the second stroke.

Charlotte gasped louder as each struck bit in to her bare bottom cheeks and the stinging pain intensified.

Adult sex personal usa. Charlotte
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She bent her legs or wiggled her bottom or did both to try to cope with the pain, and painful it was.

By the sixth stroke she could not stop the scream but at least held on to the chair.

Charlotte was struggling and now knew why the students left the Principal’s office in tears. Looking 4sex clarksville united states.


Denver smiled on that sixth stroke.

Her secretary was not very good at all at hiding the pain she was suffering at her boss’s hands.

There was a minutes rest whilst Mrs.

Denver rubbed Charlotte’s bottom.

It was hot and she ran her fingers lightly over the weals. Sex cam xhamster.

As she did so she felt aroused again and allowed herself to linger on the backs of the 25 year olds legs and even brushed Charlotte’s pussy which she was surprised to discover was actually wet.

Adult sex personal usa. Charlotte

My goodness, they were both aroused by the punishment.

This was so different to when she punishes the students as she really fancied her secretary. Tiffanytaylor88 s bio and free webcam.

Charlotte was sobbing but even so felt Mrs.

Denver’s fingers brush her pussy.

Instinctively she raised her bottom hoping her boss would rub her pussy again, but to no avail.


Denver saw her secretary’s reaction and realised she should not have rubbed the girl’s pussy, even though she so wanted to again. Vodiknoyt online sex chat skype.

She wondered, hoped even, that her own feelings for Charlotte were returned, but now was not the time to find out.

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