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You guys got water somewhere here? I'm really thirsty, he went off.

There was a bottle laying nearby me, I picked it up and handed over to him.

He made himself comfortable on the sofa and it looked like he wasn't going to move.

Instead he started watching TV rather seriously. No registration sex in phum trach chrom.

It didn't show on our faces but we three were really gutted that we didn't finish what we started.

I had to release after this heck of a session.

I found my way to the bathroom, locked it from inside and pulled out my cock.

It was still wet with Sneha and Deepika's saliva. Marissa_dear free online adult sex chat.

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I started stroking it, knowing I wouldn't last long.

Soon after I began my stroking, I heard a faint knock on the door.

It's me, came a voice that was almost a whisper.

It sounded like Deepika.

I opened the door, it was her, and she showed herself in locking the door behind. Live cam chat porno arab.

She looked at me holding my hard cock in my hand and gesturing towards it , she said, Ajay, I want more of it, let me finish you off? Please? She wasn't actually asking for permission anyways.

She knelt down and took my cock in her mouth and just like she did before, she took it deep in the throat right away.

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It felt more amazing this way.

She kept this up for a minute or two.

As I came closer I started ramming my cock harder into her throat.

And then, I came!!.

I came hard.

I didn't remember the last time I came so much.

My cum was dripping from her mouth, but she managed to gulp down whatever was there in her mouth. Imagenes porno oral a mujetes.

I cleaned off my cock a little, pulled up my pants and went to the living room.

Varun was still glued to the TV, while Sneha looked at me, smirked as if she was trying to say, I know you came in her mouth.

After a while when Deepika entered, she looked at Sneha and they winked at each other and started giggling.

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Soon it was getting brighter outside, and Varun announced we should wake Vijay up and make preparations to vacate the room.

While I prepared to leave I couldn't help but think, If this is how the year starts, what else does it have in store for me later? Free phone sex hook up chat. Hello readers , this is Ajay(name changed), from India.

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