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A scorching tale of the fight between fear and desire as one day in Shannon's life spirals beyond her control.

Chapter 01 "Baby?" my husband asked, as we lay in bed.

"Mhmmm?" "Open your eyes.

Look at me.

" I was laying on my back on our bed, in post-orgasmic bliss. Lex251017 online sexting chat with men in tamil.

I rolled onto my side, facing him.

"Yes, Sir?" "Do you remember what you said?" I blushed a little and hesitated.

"I love being your slut?" I whispered, biting my lip.

"Yeah, that.

" "A bit naughty, huh?" I giggled.

I was nervous.

"Well, yeah.

But you're always naughty," he winked. Webcam model sexylola.

I grazed my fingernails lightly down his muscular chest.

"It was more the way you said it," he pressed.


I swallowed.

"I can't help it.

You just make me so wild, Sir.

" I licked along my teeth with my mouth open in a little smile, staring into his deep blue eyes. Lolasweet7 free russian girls webcam chat.

I was teasing and trying to change the subject.

I thought maybe I could get round two going.

Johan would have none of it.

"It sounded more like a plea.

Are you happy with 'us'? Are you satisfied?" Oh, God yeahhhh! "Johan baby," I said, caressing his cheek.

"I love everything we do so much. Natti_sex canada girl live sex online webcam.

I can hardly imagine being more satisfied than I already am.

" "And there's always your toys, right?" "Mhmmm.

You wanna play with some?" "You're insatiable.

" I giggled.

"Sometimes!" "Go get your high tech vibe, the one I got you for Christmas.


and your butt plug.

" "Awww, do I have to get the plug? I want sex in las moriarty. You know I-" "Just get it, dirty girl.

And get that little whip I bought the other day.

We haven't tried that yet.

I promise I'll be gentle.

" "Yes, Sir.

" I smiled to myself.

Yay for round two! Maybe I'll get to suck him off as well! Later, feeling thoroughly fucked and exhausted, I was lazily caressing my clit with my fingers. Sex chat bot with pictures.

The toys lay on the bed next to me, and I could feel Johan's cum dripping down my chin and drying on my neck.

My mind wandered behind my closed eyes.

I was thinking about one of my favourite fantasies, and my pussy had started getting juicy again.

"What are you thinking about?" Johan interrupted.

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I felt like I'd been caught.

"Oh, nothing.

" "Well, it's obviously something.

What do you fantasise about?" "Mostly you, baby.

" "Mostly?" Oh, dear.

"Yeah, mostly.

" "What else then? C'mon tell me!" He jumped on top of me and held my arms down over my head with one hand. Sexy pron gril images.

He's a huge guy and I'm only small! "Noooo!" I squealed.

"Tell me or I'll tickle you.

" "I can't!" I whined.

"Yes, you can!" He started tickling me madly, and I'm sooo ticklish! In moments I was laughing painfully and trying to squirm from his firm grasp.

"Nooooo! Cunt mature sex. Ahhhhh! You're killing meeee!" He attacked me just under my ribs, his nails just right and sending me mad with laughter, tears pouring from my eyes.

"Stop, please, pleeeeeaaaassssseeeee!!!" "I'll stop when you tell me!" "Ahhhh!

Nooo!!! OOhhhhhhhh!!! Okayyyy! Sexy sweet milf ass photo. Okkaaayyyyyy!!!!" I was exhausted and crying from the tickling and all I could think was, What am I gonna tell him? "You'll think I'm a slut!" "Really.

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