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After the caning, Jane asked my wife, "So, have you decided what you want?" "Yes, I have.

I for sure want to get that cane that I just used.

Let’s leave Clyde secured while I purchase the implements.

" So they left the room, and I was left there with a very sore bottom, and still secured to the spanking bench. Free chat sex japan.

When they finally came back into the room, I thought Jane would free me.

Instead, she got out a tape measure and recorded how high the spanking bench was set at.

"I ordered one for us," my wife said.

Then my wife turned to Jane and said, "Before we free him, I want to paddle him one more time with that double paddle.

" Then I was spanked some more.

"I really like this paddle," my wife remarked.

"Lets release Clyde now.

" Then Jane first freed my legs then my arms.

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When I stood up, I had an erection and Jane noticed it.

"What do you do about this?’ she asked my wife.

"I usually milk him.

Do you want to do it? She asked.

"Sure, but let me get something, first" She grabbed a pair of handcuffs from the wall and put them on me so that my hands were behind my back. Rulla89 online nude sex videos.

Then she stroked my penis and balls until I came.

I was then released from the handcuffs and told to get dressed, again.

Jane remarked to my wife, "You are lucky to have a submissive man who is willing to be spanked by you.

I know you will enjoy spanking Clyde with all of your new implements.

" I carried out the new paddles, crops, etc.

; knowing that they would probably be used by my wife and her friends on me in the near future.

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Laurel stumbles into the house,unable to fully hold herself up on her feet.

With the mixture of alcohol and the fucking she just had in the cab, her body is not wanting to work properly at all.

All she wants to do now is crawl into her oversized bed and go to sleep. Porno de france.

Brian on the other hand has a different idea.

Brian slowly makes his way into the house, his mind racing with ideas for what to do next.

He knows that this night is not over and she is not getting off the hook that easily with him.

Not only did she awaken something inside of him, she had also embarrassed him earlier at the restaurant.

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He was not about to let her get away with that.

What do you think you are doing? He asks her as he makes his way into their bedroom to see her already in her nightgown and crawling into bed.

I am so tired, she sighs at him as she pulls back the covers to the bed. Milana4ka cam to cam ipad sex.

That is too fucking bad, he growls through his teeth.

Because I am far from finished with you.

Oh Brian, she sighs again.

You made your point in the taxi cab and where I love what you did and it was amazing, I really am tired.

Plus, we both have to work in the morning. Hot sexy photography.

Brian makes his way to her side of the bed and pulls her to him, crushing her against his body.


She fights him at first but soon she relaxes against him.

Can’t we wait until tomorrow? She asks him.

We could do this again tomorrow.

No, he says firmly.

Because I am angry at you now and that needs to be addressed. Webcam video nikollvip.

Angry at me? She questions him.

Yes, he growls in her ear, biting lightly at her earlobe.

You embarrassed me tonight.

You don’t think you are going to just get away with that are you? I embarrassed you? She questions again, not really sure what he is talking about. Mature wife in goring on thames wants sex.

Yes, first in the restaurant, he informs her, and then at the bar.


Then you continued on in the cab.

What are you going to do to me then? She almost laughs.

Are you going to ground me and send me to bed without supper? No, he breathes in her ear.

I am going to take you over my knee. Naked asian webcams.

You what? She asks him shocked.

Before she has the chance to do anything, he is sitting on the bed and he has her pulled over his knee.

He runs his hand up the back of her leg and against her inner thigh.

Not sure if she really wants what he is planning on doing, she struggles, but he has a firm grip around her waist and refuses to let her go. Victoria cakes porno.

This is going to hurt you more than it hurts me baby, he smiles down at her while she looks up at him.


Slowly he lifts up her night gown and pulls her panties down, just enough to get the perfect view of her firm ass.

She does not work out, but she has a job where she walks a lot and that makes her legs and ass firm and tight. Teen amateur couple webcam.

He loves looking at it when she is not watching him.

After admiring her amazing ass, he brings his hand down and slowly begins to massage at the beautifully firm skin.

It is almost a shame what he is going to be doing to this ass, but even with that thought in mind, he is not backing out. Needva girl to fuck tonight in enfield connecticut.

Slap His hand falls down fast and hard against her ass, without warning to her.


She cries out, her body tightening up against him.

Oh fuck, she cries out, wiggling in his arms.

Slap He slaps at her ass again, not giving her much time to recover from the first blow. Adult webcams little chute wisconsin.

Brian, she begins to speak but he interrupts her.

Do you know why this is happening? He asks her.

Because you have lost your fucking mind, she shouts at him.


That was the wrong answer, he rubs his hand over the red welts that were beginning to form on her beautiful ass. Skinny brunette webcam.

He half expects Laurel to fight him harder, but he could tell that she is enjoying this just as much as he is.

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