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Ohhhgaaawdd! Becky cried out and she arched her back raising her hips off the bed and twisting a bit towards me.

Her free hand moved from the sheets to her forehead holding a fist against her forehead as she came.

She froze in this arch for several long seconds, then dropped back on the bed convulsing in hard spasms that nearly doubled her up each time they hit.

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After more than a dozen of these convulsions, they lessened in both severity and frequency, slowly fading away and leaving her panting and smiling happily.

I helped her move to the center of the bed, then while she rested and caught her breath. Sexgirllchat100 free.

I proceeded to get undressed - I was still in my uniform from work, since we just fell asleep after we got home this morning.


I had taken off my gun belt and hung it up where it belonged and secured my gun in the bedroom gun box, but I still wore my uniform pants and shirt. Live sex video show fock.

Once I had gotten undressed and tossed my dirty uniform in the hamper to be washed later, I turned my attention to my guest.

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