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When I came down from my orgasmic high, I realized Bess had sat upright and was smiling at me.

As I looked at her, I saw her lick the last dollops of cum from her lips.

That was punctuated by an audible smacking of her lips.

Bess then hiked up her skirt to above her waist and I was shocked to see, in the dim light, that she was not wearing any panties. Emo teen sucks on webcam.

Looking down and nodding, she was indicating it was my turn to return the favor.

Without hesitation, down I went.

Bess scooted over at an angle and spread her legs giving me an easier access to her pussy.

I had to bend my neck at an awkward angle to gain access to her musky smelling pussy. Yummymilky4u webcam porn animal nudist.


But gain access I did, as I lashed her pussy lips with my tongue.

Her pussy was well lubricated, probably from when she sucked my cock.

As I licked, her pussy only got wetter.

I could tell she was stifling her moans to keep from attracting attention.

However, the people around us were either sleeping or otherwise occupied and were not aware of what was happening. Best public places for sex.

I continued lapping that hot wet pussy and became aware of her engorged and protruding clit.

I took her clit between my lips and began sucking it like a small cock.

Soon Bess began to squirm and shake, as she achieved an awesome orgasm, flooding my lips and face with her pungent nectar. Www canada sex chat.

Who knew oral how good oral sex could be.


Here two strangers had orally serviced each other.

Each achieving earth shattering orgasms.

One an eighteen-year old sailor fresh from training and a fifty something slut from who knows where.

I was relaxing and dozing, several hours passed, when I felt a nudge. Sexypupss crossdressing chat rooms.

Looking up I saw Bess had turned and was presenting her bare ass in my direction.

I took that as an indication she was wanting to get fucked.

My cock was instantly hard.

I took out my hard cock and gave it a few strokes and moved into an awkward position to gain access to her pussy. Sexy halloween eye makeup.

I began rubbing my cock up and down her pussy lips eliciting a soft mewing from Bess.

This was one hot slut.


Then I slowly entered her.

Her pussy was very wet and my cock slipped right in.

For the next twenty minutes, I fucked her very slowly.

Then, as my orgasm was approaching, I picked up the pace and was soon pounding her. Free sex chat by text with male without registration.

I pounded her until I could not hold it anymore and then blasted her pussy walls with my second load of the night.

I plunged as deep as I could, and held, as Bess shuddered from her obvious orgasm.

I was spent and was soon sleeping soundly.

I was dreaming of Bess sucking my cock. Masters of sex watch series online free.

In my dreams, this orally talented slut, was giving me the BJ of a lifetime.

My dream was kind of disjointed, as I went in and out of the dream.


Finally, I was awake and realized, it was not a dream at all.

Bess was down sucking me again.

This time, it was a very long session, which pleased me and I think pleased Bess. Sexy amature tit pictures.

Finally, I came and Bess greedily swallowed and ate all my cum, much to my delight.

Sexually exhausted, I went immediately back to sleep.

When I awoke, it was daylight and Bess was gone.

Obviously, I had slept through a stop and Bess had departed.

I was a bit letdown but left with memories for a lifetime. Bridgeport connecticut bears sex contacts.

When I arrived in Jacksonville, I found my ship and reported aboard.

I did not masturbate for a solid week.

That has to be a record for a young sailor.

It’s been awhile since we’ve written an update about our sexual journey.


Most of our real life stories have been written with the title of The Life and Times of a Horny Couple. Phone sex girls in usa phone numbers.

We’ve also added some as stand-alone stories about our experiences, as this one is.

It had been several years since Kristen and I had been to Las Vegas, and so we decided to head west for some relaxation.

After a trip with the usual flight delays, we made our way to our usual resort on the boulevard. Hot girl masturbating on webcam.

Upon check-in we went to our unit, did some unpacking and freshened up a bit.

We spent the first day and evening exploring and getting a feel for the city again.

Kristen is a exceptionally sexy woman who knows how to dress the part.


She is tall, fit, and well put-together with very fair skin and a sprinkling of freckles. White pass webcam.

Her breasts are 34B and are topped off with nice pink nipples that are almost two inches wide.

Her nipples are almost always erect, sticking out a good half inch and look the color of maraschino cherries.

They are about the thickness of my pinky.

Kristen also has a smooth, pink, pussy with a tiny landing strip. Hook up for sex tonite free websites.

When we head out in the evening Kristen always dresses in a very alluring manner.

Our second night there was no exception.

As we headed to ‘New York, New York', Kristen was wearing a light grey above-the-knee skirt, with a slit to mid thigh.

She also wore a sleeveless V-neck black silk blouse that completed her very sexy look.

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We are not big gamblers, but do enjoy spending time at the slot machines.

We walked around the casino a bit and settled in at machines next to each other in the middle of a row of six.

We flagged down a waitress to order our drinks.

As we played, I often looked at Kristen hoping to get a look between the buttons of her blouse to see some boob. Baby nicols porno film.

I could see a hint of a black strap peeking at her shoulder, so I knew she was wearing a bra.

As she turned on her seat I got a flash of skin peeking between the buttons of the dark blouse.

She looked at me, saw where I was looking, shook her head, and smiled. Ladies bavaria sex.

Kristen reached up and undid the top button of her blouse revealing a lot more of her breast to me and to the waitress who suddenly appeared with our drinks.


She leaned forward to resume playing her game and pulled her blouse open a bit further.

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