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I’m a submissive, I declared, testing the word on my tongue, and suddenly there was a warm cocoon of surrender wrapped around me.

My submissive. Anne’s voice was sharp, but it held a loving undertone.

Your submissive, I conceded.

And that makes me? she asked, one eyebrow lifted. Vanessa angel sex video.

My - my mistress? My answer was tentative, and it felt a bit strange. Yes, I had read a few stories featuring that kind of mistress, but those women always were older, more the governess type. Addressing someone my age, someone even a few months younger than me, like that took a bit of getting used to. 7sexiboy7 sexy webcam models. Hell, addressing anyone like that needed getting used to.

Yes, your Mistress, Anne said and stroked my head.

And to make it easier for you to distinguish between your best friend Anne and your mistress you’ll address me as ‘Mistress Summers’ when we’re alone or when I tell you to. Webcams saharokjewell porno.

Okay, I said, and immediately realized my mistake when Anne’s hand shot down and pinched my nipple painfully.

I’m sorry, Mistress Summers. The pain faded as soon as I had finished my sentence.

Good. You’re a fast learner, though nobody who knows you would have doubted that. New limerick me sexy women.

I need to use the loo myself and then I’ll have a shower, why don’t you make me a coffee and wait for me at the table?

Yes, Mistress Summers. I almost jumped upright again, nervous, then traipsed outside and closed the bathroom door behind me.

At the table, I had to sit down for a minute. Clip sport sex. My thoughts were swirling around in my head like a swarm of butterflies. Sitting didn’t help though, and so I started to prepare the coffee. I filled up the water, added more beans into the grinder - Italian blend, her favorite - and put a big cup under the outlet. Bustybadgirl 1on1 sex chat free on registration. The grinder made a hell of a noise, but it was one of the best machines on the market.

After a lot of bubbling and clicking from inside it, the brew ran into the cup, and the aroma made my stomach grumble. I realized that the exertion yesterday evening had left me low on calories, and hastily fished a vanilla cookie from the sweets drawer.

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It also managed to appease my stomach, so I finished preparing the coffee. A half teaspoon of sugar and just a hint of milk. I placed it on the table in front of her chair and sat down in mine, awaiting her return.

Then a memory of one of the stories I had read came back, and after a bit of struggling with myself, I dropped to my knees and crawled to the side of her chair, my cheeks flushed and a crazy, giddy feeling in my chest. Fuck team five amateur. I spread my knees about shoulder-width apart and set down on my heels, put my hands on my thighs, arched my back and put my chin up, with my eyes to the floor.

The pose was harder to hold than I had expected, and I had to move my upper body back and forth a few times until I found an angle that didn’t put too much strain on my back.

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Then I waited. I heard the water start, then after a minute or two, stop again. A few minutes later it started up again, and I couldn’t help but imagine Anne in the shower, her hair slick and shiny, small speckles of foam adorning her petite breasts, drops of water traveling down between her legs and adorning her beautiful pussy like pearls.

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